How to Become a Short-Term Rental Host

Are there any extra rooms in your house and you find yourself looking for an extra income? Well, if you live in a studio apartment, you can share a room with a guest and get that extra dollar. If you have a spare bedroom in your house, you can turn it into a private room for guests to host short-term rentals.

How to Become a Short-Term Rental Host 1


How to Create Your Listing

  1. Create Your Listing
    Creating your listing is a walk in the park. First, create your profile. Before you list your home, first make sure that your Airbnb profile is filled out completely. Any guest would be skeptical of any host whose profile is incomplete. Having a catchy profile will go a long way in giving your prospective guests a feel of what to expect. Make sure they feel welcome and look forward to coming to your home. Pay attention to Airbnb queues, as they will give prompts on what exactly to fill in.
  2. Get Verified
    The second thing you have to do is make sure you are verified. This goes with putting a clear and up-to-date photo of yourself. Having a clear picture on your profile will convince your prospective guests that you are real and not some ax murderer or some online faceless avatar. To get verified, you need to provide a Government ID or your online verification details, such as Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and then link them to your mobile and answer some test questions provided. Occasionally you might be asked to take a selfie so that they can compare the images.
  3. Set-Up
    After this, you should proceed to your next step, which is setting up your listing. Airbnb will walk you through all of this process, and this should be pretty easy.
  4. Property Type
    You should be able to clearly state what property you are listing. Is it a full house, an apartment, or just a cabin? Is it a full bed and breakfast? Is it a treehouse getaway? Is it an entire space or a shared space? You should clearly state what kind of room your guests should expect.
  5. Set a Price
    The next thing you should state is how much you are going to charge. Airbnb will give you an estimated price to charge, so coming up with a figure shouldn’t be that hard. This, of course, will depend on how many rooms you are giving out, location, and amenities, plus the prices of listings closest to you. Your rates are not limited to anything; you can charge as much as you want, depending on the demand within your location.
  6. List Amenities
    You should be able to list the amenities that you have; for instance, WIFI, kitchen, washer/dryer, and air conditioning. Make sure you list everything that any guest would find helpful in any Airbnb. Accuracy is very vital, and you shouldn’t be deceptive in describing your property, as it might lead to bad reviews that could break you.
  7. Add Photos
    Include beautiful and clear photos. If your camera is not good enough, you might consider hiring a professional photographer. Also, remember to address any downsides to your property. Is it a noisy area? If so, say so. Do you have pets? Make sure you say that, too, as some people might be allergic. And don’t forget to mention the nearby restaurants, attractions, and activities. Lastly, mention whatever perks your guests are to expect. Those little things, such as toiletries, coffee, or free WIFI… mention them.

How Much Can You Make Hosting on Airbnb?

Finally, onto the big question. And yes, prices vary. There are so many variables that affect price, including the factors below.

  • Location of your property
  • Incentives provided
  • Type of space you are listing (is it one room or the whole house?)
  • The professionalism of your listing

For instance, in certain areas, if you are to price a one-bedroom, Airbnb will give an estimated price of $86/night or $601/week. If we are to list the entire home of 5 guests, the price will come closer to $1,261/week.


Being an Airbnb host will bring in a little side income. Whether you are listing an entire vacation house or merely putting up that extra room, it can bring in an extra dollar to help you fund your retirement or even help pay that mortgage. While the job description is not a walk in the park, the financial rewards of being a short-term rental host are tempting, and it is a good way to connect with people.


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