You Can Become A Sous Chef With These Steps

In case you might not know what a sous chef is, they perform all of their duties under the head chef. They assist the head chef in running all of the activities that are involved in the kitchen. They can frequently be found in upscale restaurants.

They also take part in the presentation of all of the food, managing kitchen workers, and making estimations of the amount of food that will be required to be prepared every day. The sous chef also has the obligation of delegating most of the kitchen tasks.


Before getting the title of being a sous chef, there are a couple of things that you will be required to go through. After all, being a professional sous chef requires great skill. Through this article, all of the steps required to become a sous chef will be taught to you.

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Finish High School

This is the first thing that you will be required to do in order to become a sous chef. From the beginning, you can choose electives in health, cooking, chemistry, biology, nutrition, and any other elective that is associated with becoming a chef.


During this stage, it will be of great benefit if you would consider doing research looking for any careers and any form of training programs that might be near you. Also, you might consider looking for a professional sous chef and shadowing them.

Complete A Professional Training Program

The only location in which you will be able to take a training program for becoming a chef is through community colleges and vocational schools. Typically such training courses only take about one to two years.  During that training period, you will learn how to use that chef knife well. You will also learn how to plan for any menu, execute different baking techniques, understand food nutrition, and all of the kitchen safety procedures that you will need to follow.

Complete Your Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship will help you practice and refine your culinary skills. This program goes hand-in-hand with all of the learning programs that a trainee completes in the classroom. One of the benefits of this is that you will be able to apply the knowledge that you are learning in your classes.


Obtain Certification

Although this is not completely necessary, it is nice to have an official marker of your skills. However, to achieve such a certification, you will have to complete all of the proper classes and exams. Only then will you be prepared to be a professional sous chef.

Consider Job Opportunities

To work as a sous chef, you will need to be able to work long hours in the evening and also on the weekends. Also, you need to understand that this job can be quite intense during peak service hours. Chances for advancement include the opportunity to take over as executive chef or to move on to a nicer, busier restaurant.

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Through the above points, it is now evident that you cannot be a sous chef by just loving to cook. Before becoming a professional, you will need a lot of commitment, training, and skills. However, if you get started today, you will be there in no time!