Modeling: How to Start a Career

Are you interested in starting a modeling career? Whether you are completing your senior year of school or college, you can still enroll as a model.

Nowadays, this career choice is a viable option for individuals, even at young ages. However, even though age is not a big issue, most models are limited by what the agencies are looking for in terms of appearances and vibes.


Let us go deeper and learn more about modeling and what you should expect from a career of this nature.

Here's how to start a career in modeling.

Modeling Eligibility and Other Skills

To become a model, you do not need any formal education, but some prefer to attend modeling schools to train in different techniques, such as applying makeup, walking, and posing. You have to be knowledgeable about fashion and style, clothing combinations, and different hairstyles. You have to be photogenic, courageous, persistent, and extremely disciplined to be successful in this career.


Remember to have a healthy diet, enough sleep, regular exercise, take care of your appearance, and get your pedicures and manicures. In other words, you have to be well-kept. You should also be extroverted and mature enough to accept both direction and constructive criticism.

How to Set a Foot in the Door

Most agencies will ask you to send in an email of your photographs before they can allow you in for an interview. Also, remember to reach out with a copy of your portfolio for casting or open calls. Ensure your portfolio is updated because it can either win or lose for your opportunities to be discovered. So, keep an eye on it and ensure it is spotless.

Take clear pictures that are of high quality that are impressive. Your portfolio should have full-length shots, plus headshots taken from different angles in various settings. You should also include a page with your weight, height, eye color, and other details.


Contacts and Other Networks

It is essential to do some extensive research before contacting any agency. You have a high chance of getting a job if you contact a company that has already been established with a good reputation.

Other models would also seek other opportunities elsewhere as they expand their networks, such as industry professionals and representatives like makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, and set designers. This is what networking is all about.

Required Experience and Exposure

We all know modeling is a cutthroat industry with stiff competition in highly populated areas such as Los Angeles and New York City. If you have enough experience, you have better job prospects together with other models who choose to work with reputable agencies in smaller cities.

To gain experience, you can choose to volunteer in upcoming fashion shows staged by local boutiques, fashion schools, or department stores. Always aim to regularly and frequently strive for more exposure by attending commercials, campaigns, runways, or magazine shows.

Expected Salary for Models

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2016, models earned a median salary of $21,870. On the low end, models earned $18,010, meaning 75% of models earned this amount and above. The higher-paid 25% earned $41,470.

This was according to 4,800 models who were employed across U.S. agencies. These numbers, of course, do not reflect exceptional cases of highly-paid supermodels who are world-famous and earn much more.


If you have always wanted to be a model, there isn’t a better moment to start than right now. Do all the due diligence, do your research, send in your portfolio, and start your modeling career. We wish you good luck! For more information regarding jobs related to modeling, click here.

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