Find Out Where to Take Hairdressing Courses Online

Hairdressing is a very complex skill to learn and if you want to learn it, you might as well learn it from the experts. If you reside somewhere where there is limited access to hairdressing experts, it is best that you know where to find one through hairdressing courses online.

These hairdressing courses online offer a wide variety of topics and levels ranging from basic to advanced all from both a personal and professional perspective. You can choose from thousands of online courses from the top universities to the experts in the field. You have the option of learning at your own pace and schedule with these online courses.


If you want to learn more about hairdressing courses online, check out the guide below.

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What is an Online Hairdressing Course?

An online hairdressing course is an online course that teaches you the fundamentals of hairdressing.

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There are many online hairdressing courses out there that include advanced lessons and sometimes, expert lessons to help you develop your skills.


With online hairdressing courses, you get to learn how to take care of your client’s hair. Hairdressers are professionals who use different tools and techniques to create and style various looks for their clients.

These courses will help you achieve those skills so you become a very competent hairdresser for your clients.

What Do Hairdressers Do?

Hairdressers not only provide good looks to their clients but they also do a lot of hair care. Hairdressers need to understand the structure and how the hair grows so they can apply the products and treatments that are needed for their clients.


They also provide creative aesthetics that are suitable for their clients. Many hairdressers also learn a little bit of chemistry as it is important for them to learn the compositions of the products that they apply to their client’s hair.

Lastly, hairdressers provide you with general hair hygiene and hair health care so you can properly take care of your hair.

Why Take Hairdressing Courses Online?

Many people want to do hairdressing courses online for its benefits.

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Online learning is fast becoming the more popular way of getting proper education and learning hairdressing online is just part of it.

Here are the many benefits when you take hairdressing courses online.

More Cost Efficient

The very first thing that people truly appreciate about online learning is how it is more cost-efficient than going to a school.

You don’t need to waste an excessive amount of time getting stuck in traffic or you have to pay for your transportation.

All of your learning can be done within your home and you can efficiently use that time to learn instead of stressing yourself out just to get to the school.

More Flexibility

Learning hairdressing online also offers a lot of flexibility as you can tend to other things while you’re learning.

Since you’re learning at your own pace, you can divide your time properly to focus on other things and then set the perfect time to learn the online course.

You have the option of making your online course slower or faster so you can tend to your other obligations in life.

Get Access to High-Quality Education

Another main reason why people often take hairdressing courses online is access to high-quality education. These online courses are often conducted by experienced experts who understand what they are doing and how to do it.

You don’t have that much access to experts in the field if you are limited to your area. If you want to learn from the best, learn it online.

You can even get certificates from completing the online course which you can use to prove that you’ve learned from the best.

Where to Find Hairdressing Courses Online

When it comes to finding the best hairdressing courses online, there are a few highly recommended sites that offer them.

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These online courses provide the basics as well as advanced lessons to help improve your skills so you become a better hairdresser.

Check them out below.

International Career Institute

The International Career Institute offers an extensive course for learning about hairdressing online.

They do not require you to have previous knowledge or experience with hairdressing as they offer the basics of the craft. You are free to learn and study at your own speed and complete your coursework whenever you like.

The course offers a wide range of topics from salon services to hair and scalp treatments and everything in between. What’s best is that you can earn a diploma and an advanced diploma once you complete the entire course.


MyHairDressers has a huge library of online videos from the entire course to help you begin your journey as a hairdresser.

You are first introduced to the foundation training videos where you will learn the basics or freshen up your skills.

You can then continue to the immediate training videos where you can learn more techniques. Then you move on to advanced training videos where you learn all the tips and tricks of hairdressing at an expert level.

Alpha Academy

Alpha Academy also has promising hairdressing courses online that only take up to 11 hours to complete for the basics.

The platform is an online trainer provider where you can access hundreds of different courses including hairdressing.

You can check out different topics like hair color and hairstyling with the course.


Alison is another online platform where you can check out a myriad of different hairdressing courses online. The platform offers different videos ranging from bridal hair styling to the fundamentals of cosmetology.

Each lesson usually lasts around 2 to 3 hours of extensive training so you should allot more time in learning.

Nevertheless, you can pick and choose which lesson you want to start after completing the basic training videos. This should give you more flexibility in the kind of lessons you want to learn first to complete the entire online course.


These online hairdressing courses will truly define how you can start your career as a hairdresser. Not only that, but it can also supplement your previous knowledge of the craft that is hairdressing. Knowing how complicated the craft is, learning the tips and tricks from the experts themselves through online courses is already a great deal.

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