Online Eyebrow Shaping Course: Learn Where to Do It

The beauty industry certainly presents a lot of job opportunities, from hairstylists to aestheticians, and makeup artists. The list goes on, with new innovations and trends influencing the market.

One of the booming trends these days is eyebrow shaping and coloring services. If you’re planning to become a good eyebrow shaper, you need to complete a certification required to thread the brows, sterilize equipment, and others.

In this article, we’re touching on the best eyebrow-shaping courses you can find. You can learn the best techniques to perfect threading and tinting, plus correctly shape the brows according to a client’s facial features. Read on to learn more.

Online Eyebrow Shaping Course: Learn Where to Do It

Scope of This Eyebrow Shaping Course

When signing up for any course, you need to know the scope, lessons, and other crucial information, such as the number of sessions per course. This is to know whether the cost is worth the price or not.

Ideally, courses offered are different from one institution to another, but for eyebrow shaping courses, you’re dealing with the common scope of brow measurement, trimming, and preparation or procedure.

Students will also touch on other important lessons like regrowth patterns, products used and equipment, tinting the hair, and anatomy of the eye. These lessons are crucial to uphold safety when servicing clients.

Where to Find Online Eyebrow Shaping Courses

It’s incredibly easy to find online courses in eyebrow shaping. Now that technology is innovative, students can even learn from the comforts of their home. However, there are educators who require practical lessons to perfect brow-shaping skills.


This is one of the greatest locations to study the art of shaping eyebrows. Smore provides comprehensive lessons designed for cleaning up the brow and creating a shape perfect for every face shape.

The course involves topics on health and safety, products used for the application, preparing the client, aftercare, and an overview of the best applications. Students have also presented refund options for the first 31 days up to 60 days.

The Beauty Academy

For gaining specialized skills in eyebrow shaping, you can check out The Beauty Academy. The Brow Shaping course tackles the processes involved in perfecting the brow according to a person’s face shape. Students can enhance the look of clients with a neat cleaning technique.

What’s best, you can get hands-on learning and practical training. Additionally, The Beauty Academy provides all products and tools for completing the practical training. The so-called tutors are qualified educators with Level 4 PTTLS or equivalent to teaching awards informal education.

Esthetician Edu

In case you’re planning to make something out of a brow shaping course, say starting a small business, you definitely need to master the art of eyebrow shaping. Esthetician Edu offers an introductory course with threading, waxing, and tweezing.

Students can learn about the different types of faces and the right eyebrow shape to enhance facial features. Additionally, you’ll learn about eyebrow tinting, finding the right color, and advanced training for cosmetology.

Salary and Benefits

Online Eyebrow Shaping Course: Learn Where to Do It

The average salary of an eyebrow threader or specialist is between $11.84 to $19.88 per hour in the United States. If you’re an esthetician with specialized skill in eyebrow threading and shaping, you can get an even higher hourly wage of $20 or above.


Signing up for an online eyebrow-shaping course is ideal if you want to pursue a career in cosmetology. It’s not only rewarding for the ease of performing the job, but also the pay is pretty decent.

Check out the courses mentioned above to get started with a career in the eyebrow shaping industry. Having a specialized skill helps you to book more clients and earn a better wage.

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