How to Start a Spa Business

Running a spa business is one of the most rewarding jobs since it gives you the satisfaction of seeing your clients relax.

Your job is to make sure your clients completely unwind and relax as you earn that extra dollar. It sounds like a pretty cool profession, right?


If you are a certified beauty therapist with some money on you and you have entrepreneurial skills, you should think of starting up a spa business. Read on to learn about how you can do so.

Spa Business

Skills Required to Run a Spa Business

First, you should decide exactly what kind of services you will provide your clients with, based on your strengths and weaknesses. As such, you need to have soft skills. You need to be warm and welcoming to your clients. If you are going to hire some employees, be sure to get friendly people on your staff.


If you already have prior experience, fair enough, but if you don’t, you can still learn on the job. You need to be committed and up to the task. However, you need basic entrepreneurial skills to begin with, as there is a lot that goes into a spa business. It goes beyond giving people massages and pedicures. You need bookkeeping and marketing skills, too.

How Much Does One Need to Open Up a Spa Business?

Starting up a spa business is not too expensive, depending on what kind of spa you want. To get a rough idea, first identify the location of your business, the equipment you want to use, and so on. You will also have to factor in advertising costs, salaries, plus other supplies. 

The kind of business you want will also determine which equipment to buy; for instance, if you want a small business, there will be no need to offer hydrotherapy services. Therefore, a hydrotherapy tub will be unnecessary (after all, it’s costly).


After coming up with the big equipment list, move to smaller supplies such as massage oils, scrubs, facial creams, nail polish, towels, and so on. Again, these will depend on the kind of services you want to offer. Are you going to use natural products or not? Have you identified the suppliers? How much will they charge?

Last but not least is the rent or cost for your space. If you decide to start your business at home or work in a mobile fashion, you will not have to worry about the cost of space. On the other hand, if you want to rent space, you might have to shop around and see which location will best work for your business

Essentials to Start Your Spa Business

Depending on the kind of business and services you want to offer, these are some of the requirements you will need.

  • Massage oils, creams, polish, etc.
  • Massage beds 
  • Towels and linens
  • Reception desk
  • License
  • Trained staff
  • Good location
  • Funding

And so on…

How to Attract Clients to Your Business

There are several ways to attract clients to your business, and one is through online means or making use of social media. You can market your business on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to upload professional pictures so that people get to know what kind of services you offer. 

Alternatively, you can open up a personalized website showcasing the different services offered in your spa. Remember to include your contact information and location.

At every opportunity you get, network and let people know what you do. Always keep a supply of business cards on hand, and give them to anybody you meet. Attend conferences in the same niche to learn what they do and implement those ideas.


You need to be mentally and financially prepared to start a spa business. If you have the funds ready, it will be a bit easier, as opposed to someone who has to first look for funding. Overall, this is a rewarding experience, as you will transform your clients’ bodies and souls. 

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