Dog Groomer: Starting a Lucrative Career

If you have a passion for dogs, becoming a dog groomer might be the best career choice for you. This is because you will be interacting with dogs daily and have a flexible work schedule at the same time.

Your primary responsibility as a dog groomer will be to provide bathing and grooming services for a wide variety of dog breeds.


It requires patience, attention to detail, and a calm and assertive demeanor. If you think you have what it takes, read on to learn more about this particular career choice.

Starting a Career as a Dog Groomer

Dog Groomer’s Roles and Responsibilities

If you wish to pursue this as a career, your typical duties will include the following.

  • Cleaning dog ears
  • Brushing teeth
  • Bathing and clipping nails
  • Drying the coat
  • Checking for skin conditions such as parasites
  • Removing and detangling matted hair
  • Expressing anal sacs

As a groomer, it is your responsibility to inform the dog’s owner of any issues discovered and advise them accordingly on what they ought to do. Ensure safety to avoid risks such as bites and scratches from dogs. Also, make sure the dog you are grooming is fully vaccinated. To prove this, ask for the immunization card before you take in the dog for an appointment.

Dog Groomer’s Expected Salary

In most cases, a dog groomer’s salary is commission-based (usually 50% of the total price plus tips). Before you set your price, consider the dog breed, the type of cut, and the time it will take you to finish the whole process.

Your annual salary will also depend on your speed and how many dogs you can groom in a day. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018, dog groomers earn a median annual salary of $23,760.


Dog Groomer Eligibility

To succeed in this profession, you need to have some knowledge of a variety of dog breeds. Your work will become much simpler as a result since you will be familiar with various cuts and styles.

Whereas some groomers start as apprentices or grooming assistants to gain experience, you can also go for a professional grooming school or get any other related certificate. However, if you want to start your own grooming business, a certificate is not required.

Skills and Competencies for a Dog Groomer

You will need excellent grooming skills and to be able to groom different breeds according to their hair types. You also need outstanding interpersonal skills.

You should be able to work well with your assistants and pet owners. You should also be fairly familiar with animal behavior, be able to identify different animal illnesses, and have mental and physical stamina.

How to Apply for Dog Groomer Jobs

You will have to consider checking out websites like SimplyHired, Indeed, or iHireVeterinary, and check out the latest job opportunities. Consider animal hospitals, pet stores, and veterinary clinics for places of work.

You might also offer your services as a volunteer. This is a perfect way to gain hands-on experience in this industry. Contact veterinary clinics or animal shelters and inquire whether they might need a volunteer.


What greater means of income than by doing what you love? If you’re passionate about animals, dog grooming is a perfect career opportunity for you. Go for it, and you might decide that it’s the occupation you were born to have!

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