Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

Makeup enhances the way you look and gives you the confidence to present yourself in front of people. This is one of the biggest reasons that today there are many brands, apps, and websites that have emerged on the online platforms to promote Good Makeup.

Makeup, when done with proper techniques and with proper training, looks so sheik and attractive. The biggest advantage of all the newly introduced apps or online courses is that these don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The beauty sector is expanding quickly making online programs the top-demand of modern folks. You can enhance your style and add shine to your overall look while learning from these platforms from the comfort of your home. Therefore, let’s explore some popular sources to be a makeup pro at home.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

Shaw Academy – Online Courses With Certification

Shaw Academy is a multi-featured platform with beauty courses as one of the main domains. It offers a professional diploma in beauty therapy, which allows its users to learn the basics of makeup and access beauty tutorials right from the beginning.

It focuses on teaching free professional makeup with videos, visuals, and lectures. The course covers the training about make-up, skincare, body treatments, hair removals, and nails.

Not only this, but it also lets you get acquainted with the best materials according to your skin type. To a little more surprise, you can also receive a certification upon completion of the course.

Lakme Academy

The Lakme Academy has detailed and descriptive beautician training courses that help you grasp the knowledge of makeup and maintain a good and healthy skincare routine.

It gives you an idea of cosmetology, nail art, hair, makeup, and all the pampering sessions your body needs to look beautiful.

This is a professional website where highly skilled mentors and experts present video lessons and tips and tricks on the latest trends. Besides, you can choose your beauty course and start attending the class online straight from home.

A smartphone or tablet is all you require to access the courses for making your life all shiny and bright.

L’Oréal Access

Connect, discover, learn, exchange, and grow today with Access, all powered by L’Oréal, is the app’s main theme. It has an immense amount of amazing content associated with makeover trends, makeup techniques, makeup mastery, and much more.

It is a spring of learning where you can fulfill your desire to access professional makeup needs. On the skincare grounds, it gives you an extensive selection of options to select the best skin care products and tells you how to choose them.

All types of devices are compatible with it, and it can be downloaded from Google Play for free.

Eye Makeup Tutorial: Step by Step

The Eye Makeup Tutorial app is the easiest and most fun application to learn the trendiest kind of eye makeup. It has a lot of categories and tutorials to make you picture-perfect in the aspect of eye makeup.

It is a place where you can acquire pro-level skills and a boost to start your career in the beauty field. From getting the details regarding mascara and eyeliner application to eyeshadow tricks and tips, the app is a hub for learning new skills all for free.

You can download the app on your Android device by exploring Google Play or accessing the direct link.

SkillShare – Online Beauty Classes

SkillShare is an exceptional platform that guides you to explore the best skills regarding makeup and beauty. It has a huge list of classes and sessions that include eye makeup, skincare, red-carpet looks, and a lot more.

With so many options and chances to learn, you can bring out the best in you. In other words, you can experience the professional front in looks and styling with SkillShare by accessing it on your Android or iOS device.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses


Gone are those days when makeup and beauty were just a fling. The apps and websites mentioned above are some initiatives that will help you enhance your capabilities in the arena of makeup and beauty.

Therefore, pick your device and sign up on the best platform of your choice for extensive knowledge in the beauty field.

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