How To Make Money Selling Your Musical Equipment

Are you stuck with musical instruments that you no longer use and are wondering where to sell them? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Gone are the days when people had to just keep their items or end up throwing them away because they merely occupied a room in the home. Things have changed now and you can sell your used items for money.

There is no need for your musical equipment to sit in your house and collect dust. Today, there are many avenues you can use to sell your old instruments and equipment. If you are no longer using the items, it may be time to let someone else enjoy them.


If you have musical instruments that you no longer use, why not sell them and earn that extra dollar? In this article, we provide a handful of ways you can do this. Here are some of the places and websites ready to buy your old and unused equipment.

selling your musical instruments
Selling your musical instruments

Guitar Centre

When most people think of where to sell their unused instruments, their local guitar center naturally comes to mind, not forgetting that this is the go-to place when artists want to buy their gear. Guitar Center has more than 200 locations, so there most likely is one nearby. To sell your items, there is a form you might have to fill out, and if they need your equipment, they will contact you.


This is a great app for selling your equipment. There are always people willing to buy several items here, including musical instruments. First, download their app on your phone or tablet, visit the website and select “sell your stuff” on their homepage. Then, a pop-up will appear, scroll through and list your stuff for sale.



This is another awesome platform that allows you to sell your musical instruments and earn some cash. You must first download the app on your phone, go to their homepage, click on “sell” and list the items you intend to sell. This app usually sells local stuff, including musical instruments, meaning you will find someone who is interested in musical equipment.

Creamy City Music

If you are based in Milwaukee, check out this place. This store is up for anyone who wants to sell their used musical items, most especially guitars. You can, however, sell other musical items you have like basses, mandolins, saxophones and other things. If you don’t live in Milwaukee or Wisconsin, do not worry, they have you covered. You can still your stuff to Creamy City Music.

How To Make Money Selling Your Musical Equipment 1


The Music Zoo

Did you know there is an online guitar store called the Music Zoo where you can sell your used musical stuff? If not, now you know! Here you can trade, consign, or even sell your guitars and other instruments. If you live in Long Island, New York, you can take your items to the showroom, and if you don’t, you can ship them to their showhouse.

Bottom Line

There is no reason to stay with musical instruments that you no longer use, especially when you can sell them and get that extra dollar. Thanks to websites and apps such as Letgo and so on, you can sell your stuff right in the comfort of your home. Music stores are not the only option here. Make use of the above websites and apps, choose the one that works best for you, and start selling your instruments for cash today.

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