How To Begin Working For goPuff Deliveries

People are now buying everything online and you can get in on that economy by working for goPuff Deliveries. A burgeoning of innumerable startups and other ventures have made everything possible at our fingertips.

The world surely never thought they’d be buying eggs and bread online but with apps like goPuff, it’s not a distant dream anymore. GoPuff is a delivery service app that supplies groceries and household items with just a few clicks. 

GoPuff caters to all your home needs with speedy delivery because they deliver directly from their own offices. With the ever-increasing demand for such items, working for goPuff deliveries can make you some nice cash and we’re going to tell you how.

How To Begin Working For goPuff Deliveries 1

How To Get The Job

GoPuff is often looking to hire delivery drivers to provide speedy service to the customers. So the first thing to do is check here if any positions are available in your area.

If you do discover an opening, select the “become a driver-partner” option; a form will then appear. The form asks for your contact details like your name, email, city, etc. After filing some basic requirements the job will be thrown your way.

You must be at least 21 years old to become a goPuff driver. On top of that, you must have a high school degree or some other equivalent. Moreover, you’re expected to be fluent in the local language and have decent communication skills.

Become A Driver-Partner

You’re also asked if you have a valid driver’s license and if you have a vehicle that lists you as an insured driver. Moreover, you should pass the background check that goPuff undertakes.

Since it’s a delivery job, you’re expected to be adept at using a GPS for faster deliveries. You’re asked if you’re familiar with the location you’re applying to be a driver in, for times when the GPS fails you with slower routes. This is considered a plus but won’t hinder your hiring possibility if you answer no.

If the area in which you’ll be delivering allows alcohol delivery then you’re required to pass an alcohol delivery training course which is made available to you by the goPuff team only.

Lastly, your mobile phone should be updated to the latest software. You must have either an iPhone 5 with at least iOS 10 or an Android 4.4.3. This is needed for the goDrive app to work.

Perks Of Having The Job

GoPuff delivers around the clock which gives you the opportunity to work according to your own schedule. There’s no specific time given by goPuff so if you are a night owl who hates mornings, you have the green signal to make deliveries at night. Work however much or little you desire.

All you need for deliveries is a vehicle and you can earn some cash on the side. GoPuff advertises that you can earn 15$ an hour. For every delivery you make, goPuff gives you a small percentage of that which depends on the size of the order placed by the customer.

Plus, you get to keep the tips that can be paid to you in cash by the customers, and tips can also be made from credit cards which will be added to your paycheck automatically.

How To Begin Working For goPuff Deliveries 2

The Bottom Line

Everyone is in a race with hectic schedules and hence, goPuff as a delivery app comes in handy for speedy and efficient deliveries of essential items. So, a driver for this delivery job is always in need. This job gives you flexible timing like freelancing jobs where you earn as much as you work.

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