How to Become an Android or iPhone Developer

Becoming an Android or iPhone developer should not be stressful with the following tips and guidelines discussed in the article below. This advice will ensure that you get the essential information significant to deciding which jobs to apply to and how you can better your chances of becoming a smartphone developer.

The basic requirements include passion and patience in learning more skills. Read on to learn more.


How to Become an Android or iPhone Developer 1

Nature of iPhone and Android Developer Jobs

Android or iPhone developers are entrusted with object-oriented programming languages, working inside the development environments, brainstorming, and atomizing deployments.

You may also be recommending changes and enhancements to the existing mobile applications. They can migrate or even adapt to the current web applications and to prominent mobile applications.


It is also the developer’s responsibility to recommend enhancements to the existing mobile applications by creating efficient solutions.

Average Android and iPhone Developer Job Rates

In the US, the average yearly salary for an iOS Developer is around $112,000, while an Android developer’s salary is approximately the same.

In the UK, an Android developer is paid approximately £50,000 per year, while an iOS developer earns around £36,000 yearly.


In Canada, the average salary for iOS developers is about CA$76,000 each year, and the Android developer’s salary is around CA$67,000.

In Australia, the average iOS developer salary is approximately AU$76,000, and the salary for Android developers is around AU$82,000.

In South Africa, iOS developers often earn an average salary of around R300,000. On the other hand, Android developers will earn around the same.


Most employers seek an iPhone or Android developer with at least a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, mobile computing, computer science or any other course related to computer programming.

Being an iOS or Android developer requires you to possess at least some of the following abilities if not all of them. You should be swift and tech-savvy. Be comfortable with basic Syntax, optional, error handling, objective-C interoperability, and control flow.

You should also know how to network and understand how to send and receive data. This task might seem complicated, hence the need to seek advice from other experts who have prevailed in the same sector. Basic experience is required, as well.

How to Become an iPhone or Android Developer

Gather all the essential tools, including PC, Linux machine, or Mac. Other tools include Java, the ADT plugin, and the Android SDK.

It is essential to understand Java programming language, which requires patience and determination. Practice also enhances programming skills. There is training that can be done online, or you can undertake a course, ensuring that you are familiar with the programming languages.

Differentiate between Java programming and Android API.

Formulate an Android or iPhone app in various iterations, then debug and test its efficiency in different situations. The test should be conducted on an actual Android device. This will give you real, hands-on experience that you can talk about in a job interview.

Involve the third party in distributing your app. You must first register to be an official developer and then get a license to market your app after a fee of $25.

There are various apps designed to provide information and training to people willing to become iOS or Android developers, including the ones below.

Ray Wenderlich – This program provides various opportunities and tools for those wishing to be developers. You can easily create a free account, track your development progress, and participate in open discussions and forums.

Swift Talk – Swift Talk provides weekly videos regarding topics related to programming for those looking to learn a thing or two. You can learn about networking, tooling, data structures, and much more.

AppCoda – AppCoda is a website designed to provide programmers and developers with essential tools and courses. You can learn Swift, iOS 12 programming, and XCode 10.

Government Sites & Programs

Luckily, there are more resources out there than just traditional job boards. You can refer to a whole world of government-based websites that list job opportunities related to iOS and Android development.

In the US, visit and reach the jobs tab to search for jobs related to programming and smartphone development.

In the UK, visit, the official government website, where there are job search tools.

In Canada, you can access essential job search resources at

Australia offers resources at, through the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

For South African job searches, visit, the official government website, and navigate to the jobs section.


In modern society, approximately 50% of the smartphone market worldwide is accounted for by Android devices. The programming skills are therefore becoming popular, hence the need for more developers. Following the above tips is the bottom line of becoming a prominent Android or iPhone developer. Network, ready yourself and put your best foot forward towards becoming an Android or iPhone developer.

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