Discover the Best Sites to Learn How to Repair Cell Phones for Free

Learning to repair electronics you use every day is definitely a sensible decision to conserve time and money. Imagine the troubles you have to go through when you’re phone is acting weird. Finding the correct technicians for the job is a headache, and bargaining with them is useless.

Well, the good news is that to save yourself from such hassles, you can take up a mobile repairing course from the comfort of your home! The courses cover all basics and regular tips, tricks, and guides about what’s wrong with mobiles and fix them without taking it to the technician.


If this area interests you, it can be a good career option for you as well. The internet is filled with free resources where you can do much of the learning yourself. We’ve put up a list of the top websites that teach you how to repair a cell phone without asking you for a price!

Discover the Best Sites to Learn How to Repair Cell Phones for Free

iFixit is one of the most renowned and best websites that offers you various sections to learn about cell phone repairs. All the guides are very extensive, with multiple kinds of information.

If you’re a tech-savvy geek, you’ll love to explore this website as it teaches you to fix other electronics such as PCs, gaming consoles, cameras, and cars, or tablets as well. Moreover, they also offer to repair guides for cars and trucks.


Now that is something both unique and significant! From the guides, you can learn how to fix iOS, Android, Windows phones, or Blackberry devices. In case your phone accessory is damaged, they also have a comprehensive guide for them.

All in all, the website is a treasure trove of useful information that is too essential to lose. You’ll find various topics and guides on the platform, from applying a screen-guard to fixing your wet mobile.

REWA Technology

Another website to visit when you’re looking for cell phone repair guides, the video guides on this platform are highly useful and easy to understand.


The video playbacks are devoid of audio instructions but subtitles to explain how the job is done. Being a pioneer in the repair industry, REWA technologies took the initiative to offer mobile service courses and laptop repairing courses for free.

You can find the courses by visiting their website, under their various categories.


Online forums have been praised, time and again, to provide unlimited value and information for the general public. On this forum, you can post your questions and wait for someone with experience to answer them.

While there are plenty of such forums on the internet, one such forum focused on providing cell phone repair information is the GSM forum.

Deemed to be the oldest and biggest forum, you can find reliable information about cell phone repairs. The forum is neatly organized, and it is quite easy to find anything you’re looking for.

All the threads have proper moderations and regularly updated.

Cellphone Repair Tutorials

This blog focuses on providing valuable tips, tricks, and guides on how to repair your cell phones without having to visit a technician. The blogs are well-informative, well-designed, and regularly updated.

You’ll find multiple important posts and tutorials fixating on troubleshooting several kinds of problems occurring in cell phones.

The website also has an extensive range of basic cell phone repair tutorials, so even if you don’t want to master the science of it, you’ll still be saved from the hassles in case your phone breaks down.

There is also a live forum with details and discussions going on in real-time. You can ask your queries on that platform, and someone with the correct information will get back to you.

Discover the Best Sites to Learn How to Repair Cell Phones for Free

The Bottom Line

Since our lives are so dependent upon smartphones, it is only beneficial to learn how to fix them. Taking a full-fledged course to learn cell phone repairing would take too much of your time, effort, and energy.

These are why people are now drawn more toward courses and workshops where the same knowledge is shared in a more compact, direct, and cheaper way. However, someone looking to do this as a side gig or some knowledge can try these free websites to gain adequate information.