Top Five Apps to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistants primarily work on maintaining your business without having to monitor them all the time. They are really competent when it comes to you with services such as administrative tasks, creative and even technical services. Virtual assistants or VAs are often employed to help you with creating content, booking travel, managing your emails, scheduling your appointments, and more.

This is the reason why virtual assistant jobs are very popular online. Numerous apps exist that allow you to find a lot of VA jobs but you also need to be careful when you’re signing up for the job. There are still so many things that you need to learn about this job.


If you’re interested in becoming a VA and want to discover the top five apps to find virtual assistant jobs, check out the guide below to learn more.

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Key App Features to Look for in Virtual Assistant Jobs

With hundreds of different virtual assistant apps and websites to choose from, it can be quite challenging to identify and choose which app is perfect for you.

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Finding virtual assistant jobs in mobile applications will require you have patience and perseverance as there is quite a huge demand for VAs nowadays. This means that competition is rather stiff and you need to be the best.


Nevertheless, here are some key app features that you need to look out for. Check the transparency of the app that you’re using. All the job posts must have a proper description and the pricing, as well as the payment methods, should be present.

There should be no hidden fees or third-party payment platforms involved. The app must have a good user interface that will allow you to navigate as quickly as possible.

Check the Reviews

One good way of identifying if this is a good app for finding virtual assistant jobs is to look at the reviews. If the app has garnered a lot of positive reviews, it is most likely a good app to find VA jobs.


Check to see if these reviews are not biased and read everything in the reviews. You should notice if they mention anything about the recruitment process, the payment process, and the entire working experience of the VA.

Additionally, no app should require you to pay a certain amount to register your account or use the app. In this situation, you may wish to uninstall the app from your phone and try another one.

Requirements to Become a Better VA

Before you start applying for jobs on these apps, you must be aware of specific prerequisites and qualifications.

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Many of these apps have job postings with requirements at the description but generally, you will need these skills and qualifications before you can apply.

First, you need to have a computer and a stable internet connection. You have to have one as you will be working online and only use the app to find virtual assistant jobs.

You must also have great communication skills, proper time management, self-motivation, reliability, resourcefulness, and proficiency in many office software. You should be able to work independently as most clients do not have the time to monitor your activities.

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting a VA Job

The high demand for online virtual assistant jobs means that there are also hundreds or even thousands of people looking to land a job as a VA. If you’re just starting, competition will be very tough but there are many ways for you to improve your chances of getting the job.

You need to increase your value by specializing in a specific field. Make sure that you have the certificates to back it up. Research the entire market and explore which areas or fields are highly specialized so you narrow down your competition.

Never market yourself as a general virtual assistant as you will lose out on a lot of wonderful opportunities to work in a specific field.

Top Five Apps to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Finding the best apps to look for virtual assistant jobs is quite easy. There may be a lot of apps out there that offer VA jobs but these five apps are popular for a reason.

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They are reliable and legitimate, and they offer countless opportunities for you to work as a VA.

Here are the top five apps to find virtual assistant jobs.


FlexJobs offers more than 30,000 online jobs and provides high-quality opportunities for skilled individuals.

Whether you’re looking for a job as a VA, data entry, or even chat support jobs, there is always something for you with FlexJobs.

FlexJobs has a plethora of choices for those looking for VA jobs and you can always apply for several of them at the same time.

Toptal Talent

Toptal Talent is another mobile app that lets you find the best VA jobs out there. Take note that they only allow the best of the best which ensures that the VAs that many clients want are topnotch.

It can be a bit difficult to get into Toptal Talent but if you do, you are assured that you are a member of an elite group of VAs who will always be prioritized.

This is where specializing in a certain field becomes an advantage for you as a VA.


Indeed lets you discover different kinds of VA job opportunities through its wide range of categories. You can use the job search function to narrow down your ideal role.

If you have specialized in a certain field, you can easily search for it. With the help of the app, you can upload your resume or make good use of Indeed’s resume builder.

You can keep track of all of your applications and check to see if a company is interested in hiring you as a VA.


Upwork is the most popular mobile app for finding the best VA jobs. It is the online marketplace for almost any job that you can think of aside from becoming a virtual assistant.

With Upwork, you can sell your services but be reminded that the market is very competitive. Each day, thousands of users use the app to search for online employment.

The opportunities with Upwork range from low-paying to high-quality jobs so you need to be very selective. Nevertheless, Upwork is the ultimate app for you to find the best VA jobs.


Trailing behind Upwork is Fiverr. Fiverr is considered one of the popular apps for finding virtual assistant jobs and has a reputation for offering stable gigs for its applicants.

You can create an account and specify your rate so that prospective customers can see it. Make sure that you also upload all of your qualifications, portfolio, and certificates to make your profile more engaging.

With Fiverr, you can expect to get a job in no time.


One of the many causes for why people typically look for virtual assistant jobs on mobile apps is that they are free to download and use. These apps don’t require you to pay money just to sign up and look for a job. This helps you save more money and invest it in better equipment to help you land a high-quality virtual assistant job.