Online Paralegal Jobs – How to Apply?

Do you have a passion for legal matters? If you have skills and experience in paralegal work and are looking for an online job that allows you the freedom to work within the comfort of your home, you may benefit from starting a job search for online paralegal jobs.

This article will facilitate your comprehension of the nature of online paralegal jobs and also how you can apply today.


What Are Online Paralegal Jobs?

Online paralegal jobs share many similarities with other, on-site paralegal jobs; the main difference with online work is that you have the flexibility to be location-independent. In other words, you work remotely, allowing you to log on to your computer and complete your duties regardless of where you are in the globe.

You will be assisting lawyers by scheduling, completing data entries, and preparing legal documents. You will also be communicating with clients by conducting interviews either over the phone/Skype or via email, as well as helping complete legal research.

Nature of Online Paralegal Jobs

One of the most important responsibilities you will have as an online paralegal is to help in researching legal matters, conducting interviews, and helping organize lawyers’ legal documents.


As such, your communication skills must be top-notch, your research skills must be unbeatable, and you must also be self-driven.

As an online Paralegal, you will be the link between the legal firm you are working for and their clients. You must be the go-between, always ensuring you deliver what is expected of you by the lawyers.

Online Paralegal Jobs - How to Apply?


Online Paralegal Job Rates

Just like any other job, it can be quite challenging to come up with a particular rate you wish to charge your clients. And this is because there are so many factors one must consider first. Your skills, experience, the technicality of the job, and time spent on a particular project all play a big part in determining your rates.

Most freelance paralegals prefer to charge per hour; this benefits you more if you have a long-term job or client. You can also charge per project or contract. This works best if you have been assigned projects wherein the time spent on work aligns well with a one-time payment upon completion.

When you put all these factors into play, your rate could be anywhere between $30 – $45 per hour.

Online Paralegal Job Eligibility

If you are thinking of kick-starting your career as an online Paralegal, you must have excellent research and communication skills. While the specific qualifications of each at-home paralegal may vary, most will have an educational certification of some kind.

On occasion, you may discover an entry-level position that will accept candidates with only a high school diploma, but those are rare. Most companies wish to hire trained paralegals who may have a certificate in Paralegal studies or an associated college degree.

In order to succeed in this role, a quiet and focused work environment is necessary. You must also have the ability to secure confidential information, a stable internet connection, and a computer and phone with headphones.

How to Apply for Online Paralegal Jobs

Just like any other Paralegal job, getting started might not necessarily be a walk in the park. You should allow yourself a window of time that you can dedicate to working hard to send out pitches to clients and create a good portfolio and CV of your work and experience.

You also have to put in extra time to network, spreading the word within your professional circles regarding your skills and experiences. This could help you to land your clients in the long run.

To begin with, we also recommend signing up on freelance platforms such as Upwork and Outsourcely where you can often find job listings related to freelance paralegal work and contracts.

On these sites, you will have to create a profile showcasing your skills and experiences and send out proposals to prospective employers. Although highly competitive due to the volume of freelancers that work on these websites, you might be lucky to land one or two clients if you put the work in.

If you are looking for a more stable remote opportunity, we recommend online job sites such as The Muse, FlexJobs and Linkedin. On these platforms, you can expect less competition, and your chances of securing higher-paid work are more likely.


If you have a passion for legal matters, it’s high time you started your search for online paralegal jobs. This will not only allow you to work within the comfort of your home; it will also give you a chance to turn your passion into a money-making venture with location independence. Good luck!

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