Movie Extra Jobs – How to Apply?

Who doesn’t dream of becoming a movie star? To many people, getting paid to be a movie star or even just being an audience member is a dream come true. See, even the most successful actors and actresses we admire also started as extras on the sets of TV shows and movies, and the good news is, you too, can be paid to be a movie extra.

Are you passionate about acting? Is this something that flows naturally within you? Do you believe the time has come for you to give acting a shot? Well, in this article, we are going to share all there is to know about movie extra jobs, places to find these jobs, and an overview of how much you could be paid.

What Are Movie Extra Jobs?

Movie extra jobs are a lot of different things, depending on the need for the job. In short, people who take movie extra jobs are the people that you see in movies but do not hear. They often never take any speaking parts on TV or in movies, and generally, they’re credited only as “extra”. To many, this is one of the many small ladders to stardom. As an extra, you can often get paid to just sit in a crowd or appear on TV without taking any speaking role.

Whatever role you’re given, it will be passive. And while this may not seem very exciting, it is a small, lucrative way to start building your career in TV and movies.

Nature of Movie Extra Jobs

Anyone can become a movie extra, and this is because this role doesn’t require any speaking or acting skills. But of course, as with any acting role, your looks and abilities will contribute to your chances of landing roles, depending on the task at hand. For instance, you cannot be picked as a bank manager if you look like a teenager, and vice versa.

Some movie extras even hold full-time jobs working on set as regular doctors or nurses. While they may not have many lines or tasks other than showing up for one scene in an episode, a full-time gig can provide regular pay.

Movie extras stand in for a scene.
Movie Extra Job

Movie Extra Job Rates

So many things will determine how much you get paid as a movie extra, like whether you are a member of the extra union or not. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing the same work as someone else, if you are not a member of the Screen Actors Union, you could be paid differently, or less. If you are a member, you could be paid a regular daily rate.

In places such as New York and Los Angeles, where the business booms, you can expect to make around $170 for a day of work as an extra. Other factors will also determine your pay, such as whether you gain a contract or find a way to set your own rates for independent productions.

Movie Extra Job Eligibility

The bottom line, you must look good and play the part. It’s not always necessary to have an acting education or background to start auditioning for extra roles. You only need to present yourself and look the part, and if the team likes you, you could have a good chance at scoring a gig!

How to Apply for Movie Extra Jobs

Applying for movie extra jobs is pretty simple, as long as you look in the right places. You can apply straight to the websites for certain productions.

Most directors have listings on websites, such as Batherson Casting, MyCastingFile, Caballero Casting, etc. You should go to local talent agencies and also consider registering with Central Casting and following them and other casting agencies on Facebook.

By simply searching for “auditions” online, you could land a gig, but the search process is much easier if you have a way to filter jobs. This is because there are online platforms that post movie extra jobs by searching your keyword directly to the right website.

You can also apply directly to specific firms. And if you’re feeling bold, approach the director and express your interest in taking part as a movie extra. Who knows? You might just land a job!

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