How to Make Money as an SEO Specialist

Have you thought about becoming an SEO Expert in order to pull in side money that you can make by working online?

There are countless opportunities to make money online, including blogging and website creation. None of the online job strategies will work, though, if you have no extensive skills and knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It ensures there is a consistent flow of audience to sell your blogs and ideas to thus earning more money.

Google provides various algorithms, and without understanding them, you will be lost in your thoughts. Search Engine Optimization outlines and simplifies all the logarithms for easy understanding. SEO ensures that your website is on top. Read on to learn more about making money in this career.

SEO Specialist

Duties and Responsibilities

A Search Engine Optimization specialist plays a significant role and has several responsibilities, including the following.

  • Analyzing, implementing, and reviewing websites that have been optimized to be picked up by search engines.
  • Developing content such as key phrases and keywords and increasing traffic to the website.
  • Testing various methods in layout and design and ensuring that you gain the most organic website traffic.
  • Compiling as well as presenting guidelines.
  • Developing multiple links.

Skills and Requirements

An SEO specialist should be creative, innovative, inventive, and a problem solver. A substantial amount of research is required. If you are passionate about joining the SEO career as a specialist, update and submit a resume to various corporations, as well as a cover letter advertising all your skills.

An SEO specialist must have extensive experience in the content marketing sector and content growth. You have to be familiar with all Google analytics and have the ability to resolve various problems and design methods that work best. They must have the ability to collaborate with other people and be self-driven. Communication skills are a necessity for SEO specialists, as well as time-conscious and analytical skills.

It is necessary to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business, information technology, and marketing communications sectors. Programming skills are vital and ensure that you provide quality work to your clients. Webwork experiences are an added advantage for SEO.

Source of Money as an SEO Specialist

Before starting a career as an SEO expert, ensure that you have a clear view of the on-page as well as the off-page optimization techniques. Understand the critical steps to create traffic to your client’s website and how and where to get customers. There are thousands of companies seeking SEO experts; thus, your workflow will be consistent. Provide quality work to your clients, ensuring they acknowledge your work. 

Websites such as, LinkedIn, and Upwork, among others, provide an opportunity to choose which company you want to work for and the requirements needed. It’s also possible to upload your resume and receive job alerts. SEO expert earns approximately $44,326 as an annual salary. The average pay varies with the type of work and the company or the employer. BLS reported the expected 4% increase in SEO jobs.  


SEO jobs are among the top-paying jobs that require less training and experience. With determination and understanding of all the responsibilities of an SEO expert, you are good to go. Earning money as an SEO expert is straightforward, following the guidelines above and being ready to team up with other web designers to enhance site design.

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