Online Game Development Jobs – How to Apply?

Video games are a great source of entertainment for millions of people. It is also an extremely rewarding job choice for those who are into gaming. Online game development jobs are available for different roles like programming, designing, animation, art, testing, and many more.

If video games are something you enjoy, you are most likely interested in how these games are developed. Game development is a difficult process that calls for a wide range of abilities. If you’re interested, you can always apply to become one.


See the information in the guide below to learn more about online game development jobs and how to apply.

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What are Online Game Development Jobs All About

Online game development jobs are jobs that allow you to create different kinds of video games online.

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Whether you apply for a job at a major gaming studio or an indie game company online, game development is a very broad term that entails doing animation, applications development, games development, game designing, graphic designing, and more.


Basically, you are tasked to create games for a targeted audience and help it usher from development to game testing to publishing.

Online Game Development Job Salary and Benefits

The job of an online game developer is quite lucrative. You get to earn a very decent salary ranging from $23 per hour up to $40 per hour depending on your experience.

You also get to enjoy certain benefits like vacation leaves, work-from-home setup, medical insurance, and more.


For online freelancers, you can always negotiate your rate and ask if you can include these benefits in your package as well.

Game Developer Skills You Need to Learn

Before you can apply for game development jobs, there are certain skills that you need to learn.

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This will help you become a more effective game developer and allow you to excel in the field.

The following skills are what you need to learn either in college or through any online certification course.

Technical Skills

There are certain technical skills that you need to learn to become a good game developer. You should be able to perform well with game development engines and can code.

Several platforms like Unity and Unreal Engine are just a few good examples of platforms that you need to have skills in and master it at soon as possible.

You should also be proficient with C++ and other different types of coding languages.

Communication Skills

Online game development jobs entail that you work with several teams from different departments.

If you’re part of an ongoing project, you need to have the communication skills to convey what you want to do with the game and be able to have everyone you work with understand your goals.

This is why you must have the proper communication skills so you are heading in the right direction together.

Attention to Detail

Game development is a lot of work and several departments converge together to make it work.

This means that there are a lot of complicated tasks ahead of you which require a lot of attention.

Having good organizational skills and keen attention to detail makes your work much easier.

How to Become a Game Developer

There are numerous ways that you can become a game developer so you can start applying for online game development jobs.

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Here are some of the ways how you can become one.

Earn a College Degree

Many gaming companies often require applicants to have a college degree in game development or other related fields.

The easiest way for you to get online game development jobs is to have the educational requirements.

There are a lot of universities and colleges nowadays that offer a course in game development so you can always enroll in one and earn the degree.

Crash Course

Another way to help you land a job in online game development is through an online crash course. While it may not be as comprehensive as learning at school, these courses offer a quick way for you to understand the fundamentals of game development.

You can earn a certificate after completing the course but it may not be enough for you to meet the qualifications of some game development companies.

You can always try other companies or head over to online marketplaces and start searching there instead.

How to Apply for Online Game Development Jobs

Now that you have what it takes to develop games, you now need to learn how to apply for online game development jobs.

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There are different choices for you to apply for these jobs.

Learning the procedure will help you understand and prepare for the challenges that you may encounter during your application.

Choose the Type of Job You Want to Apply

There are many various kinds of occupations available that you can apply for within the game development industry.

There are animators, designers, programmers, and a lot more.

Apply to the one that best fits your abilities and interests.

Find the Best Online Jobs

With online game development jobs currently in demand, there are a lot of online marketplaces that allow you to apply for these jobs.

You can sign up for an account at Upwork, Fiverr, and others to search for the best online game development jobs.

You can also search for major gaming studios and see if they are currently hiring game developers.

Send Your Application

Once you have signed up, send your resume including your portfolio and cover letter to your potential client or employer.

Make sure you include all the information needed by your client or employee.

You don’t need to wait several weeks for them to get back to you as these jobs are highly in demand these days.

Prepare for an Interview

Once you receive a call or email from them, you should also receive a schedule for an interview. Make sure to get ready for your interview and arrive on time.

If your interview is held online, log in a few minutes before the interview so you can set up the background, sound, and video quality of your call.

Answer the interview questions as concisely as possible. Some clients might require you to pass certain assessments before they offer you the job.

Job Offer

This is usually the part where you get hired.

They will be offering you the job and provide you with a contract that states your job description, responsibilities, compensations, benefits, and salary.

This is the part where you can negotiate your salary based on your experience.


Online game development jobs are a great career choice for those who are looking for a vibrant and challenging job. The opportunity to create video games is highly coveted by many of those who are fans of video games. By following the guide, you can improve your chances of landing your dream job and working from home with these amazing projects.

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