How to Get Official Resume Writing Jobs

Resume writing jobs involve writing well-formatted resumes and summaries with the qualifications of a job applicant in different sectors. You must understand as a resume writer that most managers or employers briefly look at the resume; thus, it must be well written.

Impress them quickly by ensuring they follow the format; be clear and readable. You must have extensive experience; therefore, the need for research to formulate the best design that will catch the attention of the employer is essential.


Resume writing requires specialization; this is writing for the same type of applicants. For instance, you can specialize in a particular industry. Specialization ensures that you carefully play around words to use and understand the needs and expectations of the employers.

Resume Writing Jobs

Average Pay

Resume writers usually charge approximately $150 for one resume. The charge varies with the client and the industry your applicant is seeking a job in. Resumes also vary in format; thus, as a resume writer, you must have extensive knowledge. Writing a resume for college students will earn you less money as compared to writing for the executives.


The price also varies with states in the US; the average pay is $44,350 as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Skills and Requirements

It’s vital to have a college degree to understand all the requirements and differences of the resume; this is an added advantage even though it’s not compulsory. As a resume writer, you must have extensive skills in using computers to research and for writing purposes.

Proofreading, typing, and communication skills promote your status as a resume writer. It’s also essential to be an accurate and creative thinker to avoid errors and attract the full attention of the employer.


Steps to Getting a Resume Writing Job

Resume writing jobs are mostly advertised online; you should search in various sites to seek a client who meets all your demands and interests. The sites serve you with a wide range of jobs to choose from. The primary step to get a resume writing job is ensuring that you create a platform to advertise your skills.

The sites that will provide you with clients and service companies in need of resumes include the following.

  • – It consists of millions of jobs listed from various websites, including job boards, career sites, newspapers, job postings, and organizations. This site also provides you with an opportunity to advertise your skills.
  • – It provides job listings, resources to job seekers, and a platform to upload your resume. This site is unique, as they have partnered with various newspapers, ensuring a large group realizes your advertisements.
  • – You can get full access to the user-generated content and the company’s salary, qualifications needed, and more information about the company.
  • – They provide you with an opportunity to contact employers advertising a job. You can upload a sample of a resume to boost your skills.


Seeking resume writing jobs should not strain your brain; there are thousands of applicants in need of a resume each day. You need to research and get creative to get a job. Good luck! For more information on writing jobs, click here.

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