Increase Your Business Productivity: A Simple Guide

If you have a business, the key to progress, or to more free time, might be to increase productivity. If you’re a business leader, improving your company’s profitability will increase the bottom line and help you survive economic downturns. It would be ideal if you consistently tried to increase productivity to push your business forward.

To do this, both staff and owners should look at their own work practices. Everyone has a hand in the productivity of a business. If one aspect of the business is not working as well as it could, it leads the whole business to be held back.

Therefore, business leaders should take steps to create an atmosphere that both motivates workers and provides them with the necessary tools to thrive. This may include technology that improves efficiency for the worker and reduces wasted time. Here are some steps you need to take in order to increase your business productivity. 

Business Productivity
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Start With Yourself

Start with yourself. If you wish to increase productivity in your business, there’s no better place to start than with your own working day. Making yourself more productive will not only give your company a boost but will also teach you techniques that you could impart to your staff.

Set deadlines and let people know. Setting a self-imposed deadline for open-ended tasks or assignments can provide the motivation to work harder. If you let others know when you set a deadline for yourself, it works even better as this will make you more accountable for sticking to it.

Consider Improving Your Technology

Web-based technologies allow you to make dramatic improvements to how you run your company. If you’re looking to increase market share, secure cost reduction, improve efficiency or avoid customer service issues, you’re the right candidate for this technology. Management tools for development range from table sheets to off-the-shelf software solutions. You can also utilize business-specific, custom-developed applications.

Intelligent inventory control systems can help you reduce inventory levels, increase productivity, and speed up response times for customers. Digital and order management systems combine inventory information with the ordering, accounting, and e-business systems of your company.

These tools help you track order status and product movement within your organization easily. You will also be able to identify high and low times, so you can change supply transactions and control working capital better.

Review Your Old System And Make Changes

Consider your procedures from the perspective of a potential investor. Have the overall business aim and vision in mind, and ensure that the methods achieve those targets and add value. Draw an exact map of your material and information flow for each phase.

You will better understand the connections between different elements of your output by doing this. You will also be better equipped to recognize and eliminate waste within your business.

Take A Break

Take regular breaks. Studies show that taking short, frequent breaks helps you stay focused. In fact, regular breaks will help prevent a decline in performance. Even turning your attention momentarily to another task a few times every hour for a minute or two will help maintain concentration over time.


Many entrepreneurs don’t tap into outsourcing opportunities because they are afraid they could lose control of their company or worry about the expenses involved. And although those may be valid concerns, if you take the right steps, outsourcing works.

Strategic alliances help you expand the company without inherently growing its scale and incurring additional costs. The right partnership and collaboration, for example, could strengthen your production processes by improving your scale and increasing your distribution market.



Your business may face many changes and adjustments along the way. It is important to note that all you need to do is be flexible about these changes. For more tips on running a business in any industry, click here.

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