How to Find Affiliate Marketing Jobs Near Home

Finding an affiliate marketing job should not be stressful, since this guide will provide the necessary information on the steps and requirements to start earning with a job like this today. If you have extensive skills and experience in the affiliate marketing sector and you are currently looking for a job near your hometown, follow these advised methods of job seeking.

Nature of Job

Affiliate marketing entails an agreement between the vendor and the sales organization. An affiliate marketer and the company will earn money through various clicks, transactions, and registrations. Numerous prominent companies have taken the initiative of hiring affiliate marketers to advertise and create awareness for their clients.


An affiliate marker has the responsibility of managing the relationship between the company and various clients. It is essential to have extensive skills in technology, marketing communications, and product marketing.

How to Find Affiliate Marketing Jobs Near Home

Average Job Rates

Location, company size, education level, years of experience, and industry factors affect the salary paid to an affiliate marketer. Here are some of the average pay outcomes for affiliate marketers in major countries around the world.


In the US, the average salary for an affiliate marketer is around $111,926 yearly.

In the UK, the average pay is £25,744 per year.

In Canada, the average pay for the affiliate marketing coordinator title is around CA$39,494 yearly.


An affiliate marketer earns roughly AU$50,000 per year in Australia.

In South Africa, the average annual pay is around R223,843.


For you to earn a job quickly as an affiliate marketer, you should have amazing communication skills, be persuasive, and possess technological abilities. Most companies also prefer personnel with a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising. Previous experience is an added advantage, as well, since most companies also prefer people with one to three years of experience.

You should also consider taking courses in psychology, computer technology, advertising, online marketing, and communications while you are earning your degree or as applicable certificate courses.

How to Get an Affiliate Marketing Job Near Home

There are necessary steps to consider when seeking out an affiliate marketing job. Follow the tips provided below.

Find a niche – This entails identifying a path to focus on when advertising and creating networks. This identification will help in filtering through the various companies providing job opportunities.

Research – Make a plan, and understand the potential affiliate products that will fit your desires and expectations. It is important to research whether the companies provide an opportunity that fits your website.

Attend conferences – Most business conferences are meant to share various information on various companies. Have a resume well-drafted and ready to present to different companies hosting business conferences. Make a presentation to market your skills.

Aside from that, there are websites designed to help in the search for affiliate marketing jobs. Each site provides the opportunity to filter your search based on your desired location of work.

Indeed – This site provides a list of employment opportunities offered by various companies and the estimated payments. You can upload a resume, where potential companies can see what you have to offer and possibly reach out for an interview.

LinkedIn – More than 6,000 companies have created profiles and job listings with this site, advertising various job types. This site produces a wide range of access to affiliate marketing jobs, making the hiring process straightforward and convenient for both parties involved.

Glassdoor – This site entails job lists from various boards, creating awareness and helping people search for the job of their choice. It is legit, and thousands of companies post their job opportunities here.

Government Sites & Programs

Luckily, many government resources are also available to aid you in your job search process. The following websites via national government resources are available at your disposal.

United States – You can create a USAJobs profile where you can favorite jobs and searches, as well as have the opportunity to upload and make your resume visible to employers.

United Kingdom – It is easy to search for affiliate marketing job opportunities through the UK’s Find a job resources.

Canada – Visit and utilize the Jobs tab.

Australia – Numerous resources are available to help you find an adequate job through the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

South Africa – Visit the official government website at, and utilize the job search resources.


It should be straightforward to find an affiliate marketing job through the above guidelines. If you work on getting the necessary skills and experience, as well as making various connections with different personnel in this profession to get more ideas, you will be further on your way towards a career in this field near you.

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