The Best Side Hustles For Teachers

Most teachers usually are forced to be idle when schools close for the summer. Although it is crucial to take breaks from work, this also means that they either don’t receive their paycheck, or it is reduced. However, there are several side hustle jobs that teachers can use to supplement their income. It is no wonder that employers are always looking to work with teachers citing that they are the most hardworking and motivated beings to work with.

There are numerous ways for teachers to make a good living, even when the schools are closed. Being a teacher is wonderful since you already possess the unique skills that qualify you for greater job opportunities. Who knows, these side hustles can even become a long-term commitment, thus supplementing your income significantly.


If you are a teacher on holiday and are looking for ways to make an extra dollar, these are our top picks. Read through and see which side hustle best suits your skills. Remember, with many of these positions, you are free to work as much or as little as you choose.

side hustles for teachers


The advantage of being a teacher is that you have a lot of responsibilities already lined up for you. Since you already have the necessary skills for teaching, you can now work as a one-on-one tutor. Reach out to individuals who own schools or post through social media. Alternatively, you can check out sites such as to get started. Depending on what level or subject you are a tutor for, you can earn $20 an hour and sometimes even more.


Freelance Writer

Yes, teachers make great writers too. To get started, choose a niche and think of which topics speak to your heart. You can even write about parenting or dealing with kids since this is your specialty. Job sites such as Glassdoor, Upwork, and ProBlogger are full of content writing jobs. Skilled writers usually earn up to $40 per hour and more. What’s more, you can continue this side hustle in your free time even after schools have resumed again.

Camp Counselor

Usually, when schools close, parents tend to send their kids to camps to acquire different skills. You can use the popularity of summer camps to land yourself a part-time job. Being a teacher, you stand a high probability of being employed since you already have the skills and expertise in dealing with young kids and young adults. However, camp counselors don’t usually earn significant pay. However, it is such a rewarding career to take on. In the same vein, the longer you work there, the more chances you stand for negotiating better pay.

TEFL Tutor

This is one of the hottest-selling courses in the world. This is because many teachers are jumping on the bandwagon and teaching English as a second language. However, you will need to be certified before getting started. You can either teach online or in person. All you will need is a computer, headphones, a stable internet connection, and a quiet, convenient teaching area. You can teach with iTutor, VIPKID, Alo7, and so many other companies. You will earn about $15 or more on average.


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Bottom Line

You don’t have to stay indoors not doing anything during holidays; you can utilize that time to earn extra income by starting a side hustle. Check out these sites, sign up, and get started! With these opportunities, you can earn money and build your experience even when school is not in session.

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