How To Become A Bank Sales Consultant

Often referred to as a financial services sales agent, a bank sales consultant works directly with potential clients. Their job is to assess their client’s economic viability or needs and to market a range of financial services to them. Bank sales consultants may work individually or on behalf of a larger organization. Their days consist of speaking to multiple customer bases and selling products,  by phone or face-to-face, using many different methods. Requirements for education and experience vary by employer, and some bank chains may require licensing.

A bank sales consultant acts as a salesperson and customer service agent, deducting the needs of a client. Another aspect of their duties includes answering client questions and matching them with the financial services that they may find helpful. Bank sales agents need to be acquainted with checking and savings accounts, mortgages, and equity portfolios provided by their bank to deduce which would suit the prospective client best.

Most experts on bank transactions connect face-to-face with clients on a walk-in basis. However, many also work with their bank primarily as a telephone operator, listening to telephone call inquiries from potential customers who have concerns about the services their bank offers.

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Education Needed To Become A Bank Sales Consultant

Educational requirements can differ depending on the size of the organization hiring new employees for a position as a bank sales consultant. In the case of a few smaller banking organizations, a clean credit record combined with previous sales experience will qualify for an entry-level position in a related commission-based line of work, such as retail or real estate. Certain banking chains require a bachelor’s degree from the applicant in a related field, such as finance, business administration, or accounting.

Companies that hire marketing representatives tend to prefer marketing or business candidates with a bachelor’s degree in those fields. However, some companies accept a candidate’s knowledge of sales and marketing to take the place of formal education and a college degree.

Many bank chains allow the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to license their employees using the Series 6 and Series 63 exams. The test, which has 100 multiple-choice questions, is only open to workers who have funding from a financial institution. Once authorized, an agent can sell mutual funds on behalf of a client. Agents are required to engage in continuing education and to re-register every two years to remain licensed.

Duties As A Bank Sales Consultant

There are various duties that you must carry out in this position. However, your exact role will be determined by your employer.

Customer Assistance

Financial sales representatives are available to assist guests and answer telephone questions about the products and services the bank offers. Many consultants may be trained in assisting company callers, depending on how the bank organizes its workforce, while others will focus on helping consumers. They will open new accounts, and help clients apply for different products.

Loans And Deposits Assistance

Bank sales consultants often have the added responsibility of calling customers. These visits are sometimes done alone. They may even join a loan officer at other times.

Such calls are intended to promote additional business for the bank and solidify established banking relationships. It would be hoped that the consultant would be informed about any of the bank’s items that could be discussed.

Investment Assistance

Sales consultants who specialize in investment products and services must have the securities licenses they need. They will track financial markets and selected securities on an ongoing basis to provide the appropriate level of service.

Sales consultants are responsible for developing and sustaining customer relationships for the bank and managing the accounts of clients through the purchase and sale of securities and commodities.

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Bank sales consultants must stay up-to-date on different banking products and keep their clients updated. Bank customers may see commercials and promotions for new products. Still, when a customer representative takes the time to call and mentions that they might be interested in a newly developed account with competitive rewards, it often has more effect.

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