Make Money As A Web Content Manager

There are many job opportunities online; no wonder this explains why there are so many people joining the freelance world. The position of content manager is one among them. This position enables you to operate in the comfort of your home or from wherever you want in the world. If this is the kind of job you have been seeking for, you have arrived at the appropriate location.

To bring you up to speed about the nature of this job, you will be responsible for planning, developing, and also implementing content strategy for the company or agency you will be working for. With all the content creation you see online, there is always a content manager behind it. You will work closely with editors, content creators, designers, and other developers to make sure everything runs according to the company’s vision.


If this is the kind of job you have been looking for, then look no further. This article will explain what it is you need to know to start working as a web content manager.

web content manager

Job Description Of A Web Content Manager

Your work will vary, depending on what company you work for and also the type of content you work on. Typically, you might work on social media output, e-commerce, online shopping, university or college websites, local and international news reports, advertising and retail catalogs, and so much more. Some of your responsibilities will include the following.

  • Promoting the company’s information to the target audience
  • Conducting quality assurance checks on content
  • Oversee, develop, and maintain the site
  • Use the management systems to analyze website usage
  • Deal with legal issues such as data protection and copyright laws
  • Report any technical problems to the IT department
  • With a larger company, you might be responsible for overseeing the editorial team and content writers 

Eligibility To Become A Web Content Manager

You will need a background in journalism, IT, or marketing to get started in this line of work. Whereas most of the information might be acquired on the job, it is essential to have a bit of background knowledge before you get started. You might also need to have experience as a content writer, not necessarily online thou. Always have your published work ready to show as proof of your competence.

Other short courses can help you build your brand, such as PR and marketing, publishing, media, creative writing, web design, communications, and more. Contact your nearby university to see if they offer any of these short courses or look up websites such as Udemy that provide such courses for a small fee.

Expected Salary Of A Web Content Manager

Salary largely depends on which state you live in and the company or publication house you work for. On average, you might earn up to $39 per hour and a monthly wage of between $3,890 to $10,467, depending on where you are working and the level of expertise that is required in your position. You can always ask for a pay rise as you climb up the ladders.


Skills Needed To Work As A Web Content Manager

Other than your educational qualifications and experience, there are specific skills that can help you succeed in this line of work. Check them out below.

Time Management

You must be good at keeping time and also be organized in your work. It would be best if you worked towards maintaining meeting deadlines and setting the pace for the rest of your colleagues. 


As a web content manager, you should be flexible since things to do with website publications continually change. You should be willing to adjust with the flow and be sure to explain the changes to the people you work with.

Attention To Detail

If you are not detailed, you might miss catching things that can negatively affect your production. It would help if you were an excellent proofreader who can catch even the smallest mistake.

web content manager

Bottom Line

If you love writing and reading, or if you are computer savvy, being a web content manager will be one of the best methods for practicing your abilities. Get in touch with a publication house or agency and apply for your job today. As you submit applications for these positions, we wish you luck.

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