Top 5 Apps to Find English Teaching Jobs

The English language plays a very important role in communication all over the world. People understand each other when they use a universal language which is the English language. This is also the reason why there is an increase in online English teaching jobs.

Many individuals from various regions of the world specifically non-English speaking countries often want to learn how to read, write, and speak the English language. For this reason, many apps allow qualified people to teach the English language online. It is also a very lucrative income for many English teachers out there as they can also do this either full-time or part-time.


If you’re trying to figure out how to make money while teaching English online, you might want to check out these apps that help you find English teaching jobs.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Apps to Find English Teaching Jobs

There are numerous factors to take into account when looking for apps to find English teaching jobs. To begin with, you must confirm that the app is free to use and doesn’t ask you to pay just to create an account and use it to apply for jobs.

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It may not be mandatory but many teachers often prefer an app that allows you to choose your schedule. Flexibility in your schedule means you can apply for more clients so you can make the best out of your schedule.


You must also have the proper documentation and certificates before you download these apps so you can immediately provide your qualifications to make the application process a lot faster.

Additionally, choose an app that lets you enter your hourly rate instead of the app dictating how much you need to be paid for your services and skills.

How These Apps Work

Now that you have understood the important factors in choosing the right app to find English teaching jobs. It is time to learn how most of these apps work. Most of the time, these apps offer a marketplace for English teachers to apply for online teaching jobs.


There are also other jobs that people can take aside from teaching English online. Once you have located a position that interests you, you can submit an application and await a response. They may require you to present some documentation such as an English degree but others simply require you to pass an assessment.

Once done, they will schedule you for an interview and when you pass the interview, you can start your job as an English teacher.

Advantages of Learning English Online

The English language plays a vital role in this globalized world. Learning to speak English is always advantageous whether you want to travel for pleasure or business.

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People nowadays are more motivated to learn the language simply to communicate more or to improve their English skills. There are numerous benefits to mastering the English language especially online.

You get flexibility and convenience when you use an English learning app. You can study and learn at any place and whenever it’s convenient for you.

When you have an English learning app, you get personalized learning from qualified teachers from all over the world.

Receive High-Quality Learning Experiences from Qualified Teachers

Speaking of highly qualified teachers, it is also quite an advantage for them to pursue an income in teaching the English language online. The market for teachers who are looking for English teaching jobs is still very high so there is a large demand for you.

If you wish to earn a good income, you can become a full-time online English teacher or you can always work part-time if you have other endeavors to fulfill. As a teacher, you can provide high-quality learning experiences to students since you are only teaching a few students in a class instead of having to deal with more than 20 students.

Qualified teachers can receive a high salary if they can meet the metrics of being a great online English teacher.

Top 5 Apps to Find English Teaching Jobs

There are a lot of apps that help you find English teaching jobs. Some of them require you to have a degree or at least a TEFL certificate if you do not hold one.

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You might also need to be skilled at some basic technology such as using your phone or laptop.

It is always best that you have all the documents and certificates prepared before you start looking for English teaching jobs.

Once you have it all prepared, check out the top 5 apps to help you find the best English teaching jobs.


Preply is an online tutoring platform where you get to teach students different kinds of language including English. There are over 800,000 students to teach and only a few hundred teachers to choose from so there is always a demand for you to work on this app.

Additionally, the app does not demand that you have a degree or even teaching experience. You simply just need to have outstanding communication skills and are willing to provide a more personalized learning experience to your students so they can properly learn.

You can choose a schedule and modify your hourly rate based on your needs. On average, English teachers tend to earn around $15 per hour with Preply.


There are several opportunities to teach English online through Upwork. While it may not be a platform for you to teach your students the English language, you can easily create a profile on the app and send out job applications for openings that you find interesting.

The salary may change depending on your experience and some clients might require you to present certificates and other documents to prove your qualifications.

There are also thousands of other jobs such as data entry apart from teaching jobs that you can find on this app.


Cambly offers a more personalized approach to teaching English to students. The app has students from all over the world who are looking for teachers that can provide one-on-one English learning sessions.

Teachers get a flexible schedule depending on their clients ranging from students in South Africa to Brazil, Poland, and more.

You can expect to receive around $10 per hour as part of your salary.


Palfish is an app that lets you chat with kids and adults so they can learn how to speak, write, and read English. If you’re looking for a teaching job, go ahead and download Palfish so you can apply.

The app does not have any preference to nationality in terms of the teaching positions but they do require you to be good at English.

As teachers, you can set your own rate and Palfish will take a 20% cut to your salary. You can use Payoneer to get paid after you’re done with your classes.


Babbel is one of the largest and most popular language-learning apps on both Android and iOS devices.

It offers jobs to teach languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and more.

Teachers can apply for teaching jobs and expect to receive a minimum pay of $12 per hour and a maximum of $35 for bonuses.


These are just some of the best apps that can help you find online teaching jobs in English. While there are so many options out there, check out these apps first and see how it fits your teaching style. We wish you luck in your online teaching endeavors!