The Best Work Order Apps for Easy Management

Millions of people book hotels using their phones and tablets. They arrange trips, order food, and even find dates every day with their devices. And in today’s mobile-centric world, letting technicians use their own devices for maintenance work is just common sense.

Mobility is particularly valuable for maintenance teams, where devices give technicians a boost in flexibility and efficiency wherever work is required. That is why so many vendors are now selling an interface for maintenance work orders.

A work order software contains all the information for maintenance activities directly on a mobile computer, such as a phone or laptop, to help field technicians enter data quickly, connect, and complete work without needing to move between the office and the workplace.

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Best Work Order Apps for Easy Management

All your data is sorted and managed so that supervisors and managers can report about time and money-saving initiatives and make informed decisions. Apps and software will help streamline your entire process and allow you to gain substantial productivity every day.

Limble, EZOfficeInventory, Upkeep, Fracttal, and Maxpanda provide on-the-go maintenance work order systems that reviewers say are easy to use with any employee while providing complete CMMS functionality.


EZOfficeInventory is a fully accessible cloud-based software designed for all kinds of enterprises. Is an effective tool for asset management as well as maintenance.  

Monitor items through locations and divisions, scan barcodes directly from your phone, streamline item maintenance to improve productivity, keep stock rates optimized at all times, and handle all your users and vendors with one solution. The inventory management module allows users to monitor the prices of inventories with QR codes and barcode tags.

Many enjoy the extra functionality included in the program, such as reserving facilities, handling devices, barcoding, RFID, and custom areas. Any paying user of the three versions of EZOfficeInventory (Basic, Advanced, and Premium) can access the mobile app.


Fracttal is a cloud-based network for the management of properties for companies in different industries. Main features include monitoring of the job order, preventive maintenance, service history tracking, and control of inventories.

The Fracttal Asset Cloud framework provides users with functionalities for handling, reporting, monitoring, and tracking assets of their organizations from a single location. The program also involves predictive maintenance, an overview of information, and resource budget management.

In addition, Fracttal provides Fracttal Box and Fracttal On Board, which are hardware devices that help users capture real-time information about the actions and output of their properties.

Limble CMMS

A cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), Limble CMMS is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries. The main features include preventive maintenance, controlling the job orders, and controlling properties.

Limble CMMS allows users to delegate, track, and report all maintenance tasks as they occur allowing them to monitor how much work is being completed and how much it costs. With this, users can take photos, upload documents, monitor readings of meters, record dates, activate new work orders, and choose from predefined lists or respond with free-form text.

There’s also a smartphone app for cell phones and tablets.


Maxpanda Work Order CMMS is a cloud-based program that offers integrated asset management, inventory management, and preventive maintenance tools.

Property managers and facility managers may select whether or not they want real-time monitoring of their inventory. Costs associated with maintenance are directly included in the accounting package, and users are notified via push notifications about the changes.

Via any web-accessible browser, customers can send requests, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. With this, requests are routed daily. After the admin has submitted and approved an application, it is converted to a work order in which the users are notified.


UpKeep’s CMMS is a modern solution for your team in maintenance and asset management. From your desktop to your phone and even your tablet, UpKeep is conveniently available whenever and wherever you are. Making on-the-go job orders, getting updates when tasks are updated, and receiving feedback directly from your smartphone when assets go down, make your company run more efficiently than ever.

UpKeep provides key maintenance features to build service schedules, such as asset tracking, inventory and job order management, and preventive maintenance. Users will see a summary page of tasks showing upcoming work along with due dates, criticality, and assets or delegated to each worker.

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As mobility becomes more important to maintenance teams, more CMMS vendors are offering on-the-go mobile access to work order management, and in many cases the entire CMMS.

Establish an efficient workflow to handle incoming requests for tasks with the use of a work order management system. Allow others to directly send work orders to your maintenance team while keeping things running smoothly. Try this software and get an improved workflow immediately.

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