Online Business Analyst Jobs – How to Apply?

Do you have the skills necessary to work as a freelance business analyst? Have you been looking for a way to make a living wage from the convenience of your home? If so, you should consider starting your search online for remote work positions.

This article will outline the requirements for starting working as an online business analyst. Read on to find out more and also learn how you can apply today.

What Are Online Business Analyst Jobs?

Online business analyst jobs are similar to on-site business analyst jobs; the main difference is that when working online, you have the freedom to work remotely with total location independence.

You will communicate with business stakeholders and other subject-matter experts to comprehend their needs. You will also be responsible for gathering documents and analyzing business requirements, as well as designing business technical solutions.

Nature of Online Business Analyst Jobs

One of the most important responsibilities of an online business analyst is communicating with business stakeholders to understand their problems and needs.

You will be required to analyze, document, and define company requirements to help increase sales for a company. You will also likely have duties in modifying or designing business systems.

Online Business Analyst Jobs - How to Apply?

Online Business Analyst Job Rates

While this is a lucrative online job, coming up with your own freelance rates can be a bit challenging. This is typical because there are several factors that you need to consider before you zero down on specific rates.

Factors to consider will include your skills, level of experience, the difficulty of the project, and how long it will take you to hit certain goals. Because of this, you will find yourself charging differently depending on each project.

On some occasions, it might be more reasonable to charge per hour – more so if you are working full-time or if you have landed a long-term client.

Depending on all of the above, you can expect to earn between $25.05 to $30 per hour, although you could earn upwards of $30 per hour for select jobs.

Online Business Analyst Job Eligibility

If you are planning to become a freelance online business analyst, your strong attributes should be your communication skills, project vision skills, and research skills.

However, if you are looking for full-time employment, rather than freelance work, most employers will require that you hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. In some cases, employers might even require you to hold a master’s degree in business administration. Additionally, you ought to have a good deal of experience.

In either case, you will be working remotely, so you will require a reliable computer and a stable internet connection.

How to Apply for Online Business Analyst Jobs

Just like it is with any other job, you need to market yourself well to get a leg up in your job search process. You should also spread the word about your skills within your professional circles. This will really aid you in getting your foot in the door.

As such, we recommend getting started by signing up on online freelance platforms such as Upwork, Workana, or Fiverr. On these sites, you will be required to create your profile, clearly indicating your skills and experience related to the job you are searching for.

Note that freelance platforms like these may be more competitive due to their popularity among freelance workers, however, they are great places to see what other successful business analysts are doing to secure work and also connect with potential clients.

Conversely, if you’re seeking for a more stable and long-term online job, we recommend online job platforms such as FlexJobs, We Work Remotely and Craigslist. With a good proposal and cover letter, your chances of getting a long-term online job on these types of sites are higher.


The opportunity to avoid the daily journey to work and earn a living online is so fulfilling. By applying for an online business analyst job, you will be one step closer to more flexible working hours and unique work opportunities. Good luck!

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