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MaRS Discovery District is a non-profit organization established in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 2000. The stated aim is to commercialize publicly funded medical research and other innovations with the support of local private companies and, as such, a public-private partnership. 

As part of its goal, MaRS is helping to develop active global companies through science, technology, and social innovation in Canada. Start-up companies from MaRS created more than 4,000 jobs in 2014 and raised more than $750 million in capital investments between 2011 and 2014.


The term MaRS derived from the term of the file and was later credited with the title “Scientific and Related Sciences.” It has since abandoned the affiliation because it also works in other areas such as information and communications technology, engineering, and social innovation.

MaRS Job Board
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What Is MaRS?

This company is situated at the intersection of College Street and University Avenue in Toronto’s Discovery District, next to the University of Toronto and its associated academic hospitals in the University Health Network.

MaRS is sponsored, in part, by professional service organizations that provide their expertise free of charge through training and advisory hours.


From advisory services to connections to talent, and more, MaRS provides a variety of high-value services that help high-growth companies thrive. It also allows access to the MaRS ecosystem, a curated network of entrepreneurs, investors, companies, academics, and government partners.

Working At MaRS

Working at MaRS places you at the center of the world’s flourishing technology ecosystem. The research directly supports high-growth start-ups in our region, as well as a variety of organizations addressing the country’s most challenging issues. It’s a place to challenge, learn, evolve, and, most importantly, make an impact.

Bright, enthusiastic, and diverse, the people at MaRS Tech are inspired by the mission of MaRS to help innovators change the world. Incarnating the spirit of the pioneers, the team adapts, takes chances, and enjoys teamwork.


Apply imagination and critical thinking to every project, knowing when to lead and when to listen. While they have different backgrounds, the MaRS team is unified in the shared objective of achieving positive change.

From thrilling summer internships for students and early career professionals to leadership positions for experienced experts, MaRS has a job for you.

How To Work In Tech

Aside from working directly with MaRS, you can also use the MaRS job board to apply for jobs that are available within their vast community. However, if you want to be a great applicant for the positions, you should follow the tips below.

Work On Your Coding and Soft Skills 

Knowing how to code means that you know how to write a program. Being a software developer at a tech company ensures that you know how to communicate, collaborate with others, learn new skills efficiently, and become part of the technological community.

It’s your soft skills – even more than your technological attributes – that make you genuinely employable. Most businesses would prefer to employ a friendly, enthusiastic, instructive team member and train them, rather than a technical genius who struggles to get in touch with their colleagues.

Make Learning A Habit 

If you’re learning a programming language, your target shouldn’t be to determine the particular style. You should be learning how to think, It is important to understand how to break down problems and grasp complex concepts. These skills are strengths as you continue to learn new languages and ideas at work.

Get Real-World Experience

At some point, you should actually start constructing your own projects. This way, you’re going to face real-life challenges and have to build your own solutions. Plus, you can have some fun creating an app or website that represents your interests.

Build Your Network

You’ve heard it countless times before; it’s really not what you know, but who you know. And there’s a reason why this advice has become so common. Without the contacts that can be suggested to businesses or customers, you’re yet another resume.

The evidence also backs it up. According to the 2017 Sources of Hire Report of SilkRoad, employee referrals are the top source for hires (more than 30% of hires come from referrals).

Focus On Your Tech Niche

It’s one thing to be technically proficient to do your job, but it’s far more critical to have a holistic understanding of how your position fits into a larger picture.

This involves understanding how businesses operate in your chosen market, the challenges they are trying to solve, what their beliefs and culture are like, and so on. Master your particular niche.

MaRS job board
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Now it’s time to get started on your tech dream career and be one of those Silicon Valley giants. Click here for more career information. Check out MaRS to get started working in tech today!

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