Consider Cisco Careers for Employment

Cisco Careers offers employment options for leaders. They are one of the most forward-thinking executive leadership teams in the technology field, and their employees are inspirations to others as values are put into action.

It’s a great place for both students and those who’ve recently graduated to build their skills and gain relevant work experience through their internships or new-graduate programs. Veterans can also find a place at Cisco Careers and will receive plenty of encouragement from employees.

We’re going to take a more in-depth look at Cisco Careers, and why you should consider them for your next employment opportunity.

Consider Cisco Careers for Employment 1About Cisco Careers

Cisco helps prospective employees seize tomorrow’s opportunities by demonstrating the amazing things that can happen when the unconnected are connected. An essential part of the Cisco philosophy is the creation of long-lasting partnerships with customers, to work in unison to determine the requirements of their clients and offer solutions that lead to success.

Since Cisco was founded in 1984, they have maintained their focus on solving some of the toughest challenges that businesses face. Len Bosack, along with his wife Sandy Lerner, were both working for Stanford University and wanted to be able to email one another from their offices.

The shortcomings of technology at the time did not allow for this, though. A technology would need to be invented in order to deal with the disparate local area protocols, and thanks to their solution to this problem, we now have multi-protocol routers.

Available Career Options

Since Cisco is a technologically-based company, all of its available job positions pertain to technology and electronics in some way.

Business Systems Architect – Salesforce

Meraki is a business unit of Cisco and is the fastest-growing network team managed by cloud technology in the world, and even has technology architecture that is changing the way the world sees enterprise networking. They aim to make cloud-managed IT a reality.

Their headquarters are in San Francisco, and the team has an international footprint that continues to grow each day. As a Technical Architect, you will need to partner with business leaders and lay out requirements to create a consistent and clear capability vision.

You will need to help design business processes that are robust and secure, and be able to back them up with supporting technologies. You’ll also have to make sure that any individual technological solutions align with the architectural vision overall. 

Software Engineer

Your responsibilities as a software engineer will include working with Business CX Applications teams and Program managers to build and deliver platform capabilities. You will have to have the necessary technological skills, as well as extensive knowledge of the field to be able to learn and adapt to the various program requirements.

You’ll have to be adaptable and flexible and should be able to switch it up in a number of high-stress situations. Being able to apply yourself and learn new technologies fast is a must.

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Software Developer in Test

For this position, you must be capable of understanding the expectations of customers, whether they are external customers of the APIs’, or the internal teams that develop network controllers. You will participate in the development process, and use your skills to influence design practices that maximize efficiency, quality, and serviceability.

You will also need to enhance the framework integration skills of the developer, as well as integrate and automate solution and functional testing for software.

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Average Pay

For most of the positions at Cisco, you can expect to receive between $80,000 and $180,000 annually, with common benefits including dental, a 401(k) plan, health and life insurance, and employee discounts.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Even though there are a number of jobs in network administration that require a 4-year bachelor’s degree, some positions only require an associate’s degree. Since Cisco engineers work in a team to support and install networks and their users, you will need to have great interpersonal and communication skills.

You should also have some strong analytical skills, so that you will be able to identify, troubleshoot, and solve various problems.


There are plenty of reasons to work at Cisco, especially if you’re someone with skills in the technological industry. Regardless of whether you’re freshly graduated, or a veteran, you’re sure to find a place at Cisco Careers.

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