Online Graphic Design Jobs – How to Apply?

Do you have skills and experience in graphic design and looking for a home-based job that allows you to skip the daily commute? Well then, start your search for online graphic design jobs instead.

This guide will help you get a better understanding of your prospective online graphic design job and how you can apply today.


What are Online Graphic Design Jobs?

First of all, online graphic design jobs are similar to any other graphic design job, except they allow you to make your home (or anywhere) your workplace. You will be communicating, making transactions, and submitting your design projects through the Internet. This may be for one employer or various clients.

Nature of Online Graphic Design Jobs

One of the most important responsibilities of an online graphic designer is communicating with your clients or superiors in order to specifically understand what they want and expect. You will be in charge of implementing concepts through design elements and animations and submitting the finished projects online. On top of this, you will often be collaborating with a team of creatives such as other designers, writers and marketing experts.

Online Graphic Design Jobs


Online Graphic Design Job Rates

Just like its on-site counterpart, online graphic design can be a lucrative job. However, as a freelancer, finding the right rate to charge for your service can be quite difficult, especially as you need to consider a variety of factors. This may include your skills, the difficulty level of the project, and how much time it will take you to finish. Because of this, you will often need to charge different rates depending on each project.

Sometimes it will be more worth your time to charge by the hour, especially if you are working full-time for one employer/client. Depending on your professional background, you can expect anywhere from $25 to $50+ per hour.

Online Graphic Design Job Eligibility

If you’re considering starting a career as an online graphic designer, your most important assets are your experience, skills and creative vision. However, keep in mind that some clients require a bachelor’s degree before hiring. You will also need a stable internet connection, a capable computer and various graphic design software platforms.


How to Apply for Online Graphic Design Jobs

Getting an online graphic design gig can be easy if you use your resources well. While networking and word of mouth are very important, it can be difficult to get the ball rolling when you’re just starting out…

For this reason, we recommend signing up on freelance job platforms such as Upwork, Workana and PeoplePerHour. You can set up an account on these websites and send proposals to potential employers. While these employers will technically be your ‘clients’, you may only need to find one who’s looking for a full-time graphic designer.

If you’re looking for more stable remote job opportunities, we find that FlexJobs is the best job platform for accessing quality hand-screened remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs. Here you can expect less competition and higher pay rates compared to other freelance sites when searching for online graphic design jobs.

The capacity to support yourself on your own terms is certainly a fulfilling aspiration. By applying for online graphic design jobs, you can be your own boss and practice your profession from anywhere you like! Best of luck!

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