How to Get a Job as a Telecom Technician

Do you enjoy looking “under the hood” of technology? Do you enjoy fixing broken things around you? If so, starting a career as a telecom technician could be the right choice for you.

You can use your mechanical, customer service, and troubleshooting skills to become a telecommunication technician.


Getting started in your career is not hard, but it takes passion, a college degree, plus training. Let’s investigate further to learn more.

Are you ready to be a Telecom Technician?

Duties and Responsibilities of a Telecommunications Technician

In a nutshell, a telecommunications technician is responsible for keeping the “flow” of technology networks moving smoothly.


If you’re thinking about pursuing this job, you will be responsible for planning, establishing, and maintaining video, voice, and data networks. You will also have to install communications equipment for offices and homes.

You will be responsible for checking office data and voice systems to ensure they are working correctly for all employees. And you might be instructed to travel to different locations, updating, maintaining, and installing networks.

Qualities and Skills of a Telecom Technician

This job is not for everyone. To be successful in this career, there are specific sets of skills and qualities you must exhibit.


Excellent problem-solving abilities are a must. This is because you will be responsible for identifying and rectifying network issues. You will also need good physical condition, especially if you have to install some rooftop equipment.

Color vision is also needed because you have to be able to distinguish color-coded wires. Regardless of whether you are working in an office setting or out in the field, you need to be a people person with excellent communication skills.

Training Needed to Become a Telecom Technician

You might consider being certified first from a technical school or getting an electronics repair degree, computer science degree, or degree in any other related field. Some businesses might require specific certifications from specific manufacturers of equipment or professional organizations. Consider doing training of sorts, as it makes you stand out from other employees.

Because the telecom industry keeps on evolving and changing, you must commit to continuing with education and training throughout your career to keep up with the latest trends.

Expected Salary of a Telecom Technician

According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay of a Telecom Technician was $55,190 per year, which is the equivalent of $26.53 per hour. Of course, this has changed over time, and salary depends on the nature of your position and the kind of company you are working for. Your pay might also vary based on your location.

How to Land the Job as a Telecom Technician

Most businesses that hire technicians include construction companies and wireless telecommunication carriers, so be sure to look in that direction. If you are passionate about technology, fixing equipment, and the Internet, this will just be a walk in the park. It is challenging and rewarding, though, as you will seldom have the same working days.

Consider doing training before you get started. Also, reach out to friends who might help you network, and remember to check your local newspapers and magazines, as some employees prefer advertising there.


Being a Telecom Technician is one of the most rewarding careers. It requires a great deal of ambition, physical grit, critical thinking, and problem-solving on behalf of the employee. If you believe you possess the necessary skills, then you shouldn’t hold back on pursuing this career. If you want to give it a try, let nothing hold you back. Follow these steps, and you will have yourself to thank later. You can get started now. We wish you good luck!

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