How to Get a Job as a Veterinary Surgeon

Becoming a veterinary surgeon is one of the best careers you can ever have; it is rewarding and also pays well. Vets are high in demand, so you are surely guaranteed a job after your studies, as long as you are looking in the right places.

The big question, however, is, what does this job entail? You might be thinking that being a vet is just treating animals, but it goes beyond that. In fact, there are many different fields that a veterinary surgeon can work in. You can work in the military, conduct research, and so much more. If you enjoy working with animals, the opportunities are endless. 


Curious to learn more about what this profession entails? In this article, we will provide you with information about this job, as well as the qualifications you will need to hold this position. Continue reading to learn more.

Veterinary Surgeon

Roles and Responsibilities of a Veterinary Surgeon

As a vet, you are responsible for preventing diseases in furry friends. You will also carry out diagnosis and treat the animals that are sick or have been injured. Furthermore, you might give professional advice and educate animal owners on the kind of hygiene, food, and even the environment that a particular animal needs. Also, as a surgeon, you will have to perform surgeries on animals where needed.


If you are still unsure about the type of workstations you might be working in, they include working in zoos, farms, working in people’s homes, and in private practices.

If you land a job in sports, you will have to travel from place to place to ensure that all animals are healthy before and after the race. It will also be your role to treat any injured animals while they are running.

Skills Needed to Become a Vet

To succeed in this industry, you will need a set of skills, including having a passion for animals. As long as you love animals, you will be good to go. Remember, you will be working with all sorts of animals, with different temperates. However, if all this is driven by love, your work will be made accessible.


You must also be a problem solver. This is because you will have to quickly think of solutions if animals are sick or need a quick remedy.

You must also be a skilled communicator. You should be able to speak with both your colleagues and your clients. Clearly state what the issue is and the possible solutions that are available. As you do this, remember to be sensitive to your clients. You might also be required to write emails or letters, and if you are to do it, remember to do it professionally and clearly.

As a veterinary surgeon, you should be ready and willing to commit to long hours of work. You can never know what time your client will call in with a sick dog. Even if it is in the dead of night, be willing to wake up and attend to them.

How Much Do Veterinary Surgeons Earn a Year?

Like most medical professions, whether human or otherwise, vets can also specialize in various areas. And, just like human surgeons, vet surgeons also don’t come cheap. By the market standard in 2020, depending on experience, a vet can earn around $52,000 – $180,000 as a basic salary depending on his/her expertise. There are also bonuses and commissions to their pay. This bumps the average that a veterinary surgeon can earn to around $95,000.

How to Get a Job as a Veterinary Surgeon 1


If you have a passion for animals and want a rewarding career, being a veterinary surgeon should do it for you. Start studying today so you can build a career helping animals and their owners.

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