Start A Career As A Veterinary Technician

Modern technology has revolutionized the veterinarian sector providing new advanced equipment. If you are looking forward to joining the veterinarian career as a technician, it’s crucial to understand the task at hand and what to anticipate. However, that is exactly what we will tell you about in this article.

Veterinary technicians deal with medical tests and the formulation of various solutions to help diagnose animals. When a client brings in an injured or ill animal, you must do several tests using advanced technologies and come up with the best diagnosis. Moreover, this job is sensitive since it’s the baseline for animal treatment.


This career has several requirements in terms of experience and skills. You will have several duties and responsibilities that require total commitment. Here is the definitive guide to assist you in comprehending what it takes to work as a veterinarian technician.

Veterinary Technician

Work Environment

Veterinary technicians work in private clinics, animal hospitals, and laboratories. This career is one that is both physically and mentally demanding. Therefore, you have to give your best to make sure you make the right decisions on diagnosis matters. How many hours or days you work depends on the signed contract with the employee.


Most veterinary technicians work during weekends, holidays, and evenings when their clients are free to bring their pets or animals to the veterinarian. You must have a flexible schedule to work during the client’s set time if you want to be good at what you do.

How To Become A Veterinary Technician

A veterinary technician job requires you to have completed post-secondary education in veterinary technology. You must, first of all, enroll in a tertiary institution for two years of training to earn an associate’s degree.

Upon graduation, you will be required to pass a test offered by the state government for you to be licensed. This requirement varies with the state you are looking forward to working in. Therefore, you must do extensive research on your state’s requirements. With this license, you can decide whether to open an animal clinic or work in an established animal hospital.


Average Salary

After earning a license and graduating with a degree in veterinary technician-related courses, you are ready to work and start making money. The average salary you should expect varies with the employer and state or country.

There are additional elements to take into account, including the experience, skills, and responsibilities involved. A veterinary technician’s median annual salary as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $34,420. BSL has also shared that there is an increase in demand for veterinary technician jobs; therefore, you should expect higher pay in the future.

Duties And Responsibilities

Veterinary technicians play a significant role in an animal’s health and life. Your duties will include close observation of animal behavior and determining what there their condition is in terms of health. You will have to do various tests before diagnosing the animal.

In some cases, your duties will involve nursing and providing emergency first aid to injured animals. In some animal hospitals, clients will bring in animals for you to bathe them, cut their hair, and clip their nails or claws.

Moreover, your duties include preparing animals for surgery, administering different medications and treatment prescriptions as well as collecting and recording medical information about the animal. Veterinary technicians also work in laboratories taking x-rays and handling lab samples such as blood or urine. At times the animals can be aggressive, but it’s your duty to find the best solution to restrain them during medical procedures.

When dealing with animals, you have to make sure they are treated humanely. You will deal with particular disciplines such as anesthesia, emergency injuries, and critical animal care. After diagnosis, you are to advise the clients on the best way to live with their animals.


Veterinary technicians must be animal-friendly and have extensive knowledge of how to deal with different kinds of animals. Animals are very unpredictable; therefore, you must formulate essential solutions to help you deal with aggressive ones to avoid bites or scratches, which can be fatal.

Veterinary Technician

Bottom Line

A veterinary technician career allows you to spend time studying and providing diagnosis for the animals. If you are animal-friendly, this job is great for you. After earning a degree and a state license, you will be ready to work and gain experience.

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