How to Find Drama Teaching Jobs

Is it your dream to teach the next generation of thespians and drama students? So, you’ve come to the right location.

As you embark on your new teaching journey and pursue a career in teaching acting, you will be spending most of your time putting together lesson plans and teaching your students according to the set curriculum.


This is one of the most rewarding jobs since you will be interacting with and engaging students to use their creativity in achieving set goals.

Drama Teaching Jobs

Roles and Responsibilities of a Drama Teacher

Your tasks, however, will go beyond directing and playing games. Drama teaching is all about written scripts and other pieces, and you will also check your student’s work and progress. You should also give support, criticism, feedback, and encouragement where necessary.


Are there any upcoming exams? It’s your role as a teacher to help your students prepare for them. In case there are any projects outside the class setting, such as theatre trips, you will have to take part in such trips.

Furthermore, your daily responsibilities will go beyond working with students. You might be required to attend meetings with other teachers, go for service training, and also brief parents about their kids’ progress as far as drama is concerned.

Expected Salary of a Drama Teacher

Your pay will largely depend on the state you are living in. Most drama teachers start with a base pay of about $21,588 per annum; however, this pay increases as you gain more experience in the field.


As your career progresses, you will be paid about $31,552 per annum. As I mentioned, this is not the standard pay; it is just a rounded-off figure. Depending on where you are, your payment might be higher or lower than this.

Expected Working Hours of a Drama Teacher

In most cases, drama teachers are given 13 weeks of annual leave every year. Throughout the remaining weeks, you will be expected to keep your students engaged, whether in school or outside the school setting. Likewise, your working hours will depend on your school timetable.

Furthermore, as a drama teacher, you will be expected to keep within the school premises except for when you are taking your students out for theatre trips.

Eligibility to Become a Drama Teacher

You need to have obtained at least the minimum qualifications to become a fully qualified drama teacher. To achieve this, you can undertake a degree in Education, Performing Arts, or Theatre Performance. If you have the finances, you might also consider a postgraduate degree in a related discipline. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have relevant skills to go along.

You have to be creative, flexible, and a people person since you will be dealing with all sorts of students. You also have to be familiar with all the latest news and practices in the theatre world. Excellent teaching abilities are also a need.

How to Find Drama Teaching Jobs

It is quite simple to find a job in this career if you look in the right places. First, find out about jobs by word of mouth. Reach out to people within your circles and let them know that you are looking for a job. If they have any openings or know anyone who does, ask them to refer you.

Alternatively, check out online websites that advertise drama teaching jobs. There are several, such as Glassdoor. Before you apply, however, edit your resume to fit in.


When you are called for an interview, dress appropriately, and you’ll be moving toward becoming a drama teacher. We wish you good luck!

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