How to Become a Dessert Chef

Imagine if you could dish out a delicious chocolate mousse topped with strawberries for your mum’s next birthday or that heart-melting cheesecake to have your latest crush go all gaga.

Being a dessert chef will not only land you a place in people’s hearts but will soon become one of the trendiest and hottest new professions in the world! A dessert chef is also called a pastry chef or a pâtissier.


Read on to learn what this career entails, the qualifications it requires, and how you can rise to the best of your potential in a market that is so ripe for exploration!

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Why Choose a Career in Pastry Arts and Desserts?

Dessert chefs are in great demand! From humble cafes to high-end five-star hotels and big food chains – all require that special touch of a dessert chef.

The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics has projected the average growth of jobs at 6% for bakers and 11% for chefs in general from 2018-2028. In May 2019, chefs and bakers earned an average annual salary of $51,530 and $27,700, respectively.


A dessert expert has many areas of specialization to choose from. One can choose to learn the most loved French desserts or dabble in the world of Indian sweets. One can even become a chocolatier!

A pastry chef has a whole world of desserts to be explored and learned, so one can never get bored. There is so much scope for creativity and learning the art of perfection.

With entrepreneurship peaking in the world and a lot of people choosing to work independently, learning to make the best desserts opens up a lot of opportunities to make a living while loving what you do!


What Does it Take to Become a Dessert Chef?

The prime ingredient that one needs for any career is talent. If you have the talent to dish out those beautiful and tasty desserts and are ready to work hard and learn, there is nothing stopping you.

Your best bet would be to find a good internship with an excellent dessert chef and learn from scratch. Experience is the best teacher and nothing can beat what you learn while on the job.

Though educational qualifications are not a must for becoming a dessert chef, they certainly provide a great advantage in landing a job. You can join a short diploma or certificate program.

The Culinary Institute Lenotre offers an excellent 60-week diploma in Pastry Arts. You can also consider taking up a 2-year undergraduate associate degree.

An Associate degree in Baking and Pastry Arts is available from the Culinary Institute of America.

Bachelor’s degrees in Culinary Schools with a specialization in Pastry Arts are also available. Many choose a degree in Hospitality Management or Hotel/Restaurant Management.

Some take on a Master’s degree in their specific area of specialization. As you go along in your career it is best to get a certification from the American Culinary Association.

How to Apply for a Program in Pastry Arts

First and foremost, choose the college and program that suits you the best, and make sure that you have the minimum educational qualification required for it, which is usually a high school diploma.

Next, pen down an amazing personal statement about how much you love whipping up desserts! Find the best references you can get from former employers and teachers. Fill out and submit the application form.

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The Bottom Line

Think about the first dessert you ever made and what made you want to choose this path. Keep that dream alive by actually doing something that you would love!

Think about all the people and the beautiful moments you will bring to their lives by giving them something utterly delicious to relish.

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