How to Become a Crowdsourcing Manager

Becoming a crowdsourcing manager entails working with large groups of people and requires skills and determination. This article will act as a guideline on the essential tips to consider when you want to start a career as a crowdsourcing manager.

Nature of Job

The crowdsourcing manager job entails obtaining opinions, information, and work provided by large groups of people. The information is generally submitted online. The significance of crowdsourcing includes allowing companies to offer employment to various people from diverse parts of the world.


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Crowdsourcing plays a significant role in avoiding housing costs and ensuring they serve a wide range of people at the same time. It is time-saving, as people from various parts of the world can share their ideas and work separately, providing reports via the Internet.

A crowd-sourcing manager job entails the delivery of all assigned projects to the team. He or she has to determine work tactics and required resources for the projects, as well as participate in the development of departmental plans.


Other roles include recruiting leaders who can help in the promotion of the company, creating testimonials through videos and slide decks, and other duties assigned by the company.

Average Pay Rates

In the US, the average pay is approximately $69,782 each year.

In the UK, the average pay per year is £31,500.


In Canada, the crowdsourcing manager earns an average salary of approximately CA$73,527.

In Australia, a crowdsourcing manager with at least five years of experience receives about AU$89,787 yearly.

In South Africa, a crowd-sourcing manager receives an average pay of approximately R560,860.

The salaries vary with the intended employee’s skills and experience.


To become a crowdsourcing manager, you are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and most companies will ask for three years of experience before hiring. A crowdsourcing manager should be a leader who is self-motivated, able to multi-task and has at least two years of experience in public service.

How to Become a Crowdsourcing Manager

To quickly join the crowdsourcing profession, it’s advisable to follow the tips below.

Make a lot of friends with people in this profession, as well as those who are involved in similar businesses. Be able to make connections and gain experience in communication.

Understand your weaknesses and learn from them; weaknesses include not meeting the expectations of the company, but it’s vital to learn from previous activities and make the best out of them each time.

Be original, and do not allow people to copy your ideas.

You can also visit some of these job board sites, where you can filter your job search by location and company type: Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor.

Government Sites & Programs

In order to aid you in your job search, governments of five major countries provide resources to the public via their official government websites. Check out the links below. is the go-to government resource for those searching for jobs in the United States. Head to their Jobs tab for more details.

Visit the resources provided at for jobs inside the United Kingdom.

If you live in Canada and want to jump-start your career as a crowdsourcing manager, visit your government resources at

Head to the page provided by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business at

For South Africa, visit the official government website at


Finding work as a crowdsourcing manager has become more straightforward since the above tips will guide you and provide a clear path to follow. Attend various events to connect with people with many ideas and experience levels, and ensure that you have what it takes to be a role model and a leader. It is an added advantage if you have experience working in the community service sector.

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