Learn Theology With These Free Online Courses

Learning theology is both a fascinating and challenging topic that can help enrich your daily life. While you can always learn theology or the study of religious beliefs at your local university or college, there are many ways for you to learn the subject. You can attend sermons from your local church or you can learn it through an online course.

Students who want to learn theology can get a degree through an online course. It is a great way to learn theology at your own pace and has a wide variety of courses and lessons to learn from. These free online courses are developed and taught by experienced instructors.


If you want to learn more about theology and how to get these free online courses, check out the article below.

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Benefits of Free Online Theology Courses

Aside from getting free online courses, there are a lot of benefits to learning theology online.

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These are just some of the main benefits you get when you opt for these free online theology courses.


Save Time and Money

Learning comes with some expenses including accommodation, food, and many other expenses.

You also have to invest a lot of your time to learn the course especially if you’re studying at a school. With online courses, you get to save time and money since you can do it from home.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time at the school campus and spend money on accommodation and travel.


Learn From the Experts

Many of these free online courses are developed and taught by experienced teachers.

They have the academic credentials to teach theology online and have developed an online course to help you understand the subject even better.

Many of these instructors have practical experience with their job so you know that you’re in good hands and you can learn a lot from these online courses.

A Plethora of Topics to Learn From

Theology consists of many subjects and concepts to learn from. Each of these free online courses contains different concepts and subjects that you can choose to learn.

You have the option to choose specific topics that interests you so you can save a lot of your time.

Many of these topics can help enhance your skills and apply them to your personal and professional goals.

How to Get Started with Free Online Theology Courses

If you’re interested in learning theology through online courses, you may not know where to start.

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Here are some tips that will help you get started with free online theology courses.

Do Your Research

With so many free online theology courses out there, there will be some that only offer several topics for free while others provide all of the subjects in the course.

Look up customer reviews and ratings to learn more about the online course.

This will help you unravel what other users have experienced so you can move on to your next choice if it doesn’t fit your interest.

Check the Content and Requirements

These online courses usually provide users with a general list of the subjects and topics that are discussed in the course. Try to check the list of subjects and see if most of them are interesting.

If you’re already familiar with most of them, you can go ahead and find the next best course.

You also need to check if the online course requires you to download other content or if they need you to stay online instead of downloading the entire course to your computer.

Compare Courses

Another good way to find the best free online theology course is to compare. Once you have researched and gathered a list of free online courses, try to compare them.

You can compare their requirements, content, objectives, and the time it takes for the entire course to finish.

Comparing will help you gauge how much time you need to invest in a course and how much you’re going to learn.

Check Out The Best Free Online Courses for Theology

Now that you have chosen the best possible free online course for theology, you can start your journey.

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Here are some of the top free theology courses available online.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary offers free online courses about theology and is one of the most prestigious schools in North Carolina.

They offer online courses that consist of different theology subjects such as Work and Worship, Christian Theology, An Overview of the New Testament, and a lot more. It can take several weeks for you to finish the entire course so be sure to have your schedules prepared.

You can simply watch the video as if you are in a conference and learn all there is about theology with this free online course.

Utah State University

Utah State University is just one of the many universities in the US that offer free online courses way back in 2013 and has been one of the most popular platforms for online courses, especially in theology.

The school offers bachelor’s level classes such as Anthropology of Religion and many other online courses.

Students can access various tools and visual aids including many other lecture notes as well as online quizzes for assessment.


Bible.org has a six-course certificate program that lets you learn more about theology. It is currently written and taught by seminary-trained instructors.

The lectures are also given for free which include quizzes, PowerPoint presentations, and more but if you choose to pay, you can also get grades, interactions, and many more.

Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology

As one of the oldest schools to offer free distance learning to many people, the Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology has some of the best free online theology courses out there.

The school provides zero tuition to anyone who wants to learn more about theology and theological education.

They offer high-quality master’s and doctoral diplomas in the subject.

Baptist Ministry Association’s Theological Seminary

Located in Texas, the Baptist Ministry Association’s Theological Seminary offers a lot of free online courses ranging from Introduction to Christian Ethics, Introduction to the Major Prophets, Baptist Doctrine, and many more.

This Christian-centric seminary has a long list of top-notch professors who teach these subjects online all for free.


Theology is a fascinating subject that interests a lot of people. If you want to learn more about this topic and expand your knowledge, you can always get it for free with the online courses mentioned above.

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