Learn How To Make Money In Computer Repair Work

Bugs, malware, the feared blue screen of death— these risks and more haunt machine owners who know enough to use their computers but not enough to repair them when something goes wrong. Since nearly everyone today owns a computer, you can make a lot of money doing computer repair work.

In this profession, you can either start a business or service that accommodates home computer owners.  Before starting this venture, look at other computer repair shops in your area and try to identify a need that they are not filling. You’ll gain a competitive edge as a result of this.

You can start a computer repair company quickly and affordably if you have knowledge and experience in keeping the computers up and running. However, expanding the computer repair company into full-time work still requires effort. Therefore, a lot of beginners start out as just part-time at first.

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Advantages Of Computer Repair Work

There are numerous advantages to beginning a computer repair company if you have the know-how. Every age group and degree of experience has computers upon which they rely for entertainment, banking, communicating with others, work, and more. Sadly, there’s also a constant threat of viruses and other problems, particularly for those who go online using their device. This generates a stable stream of customers.


To be a specialist in computer repair you will need, at least, a high school diploma. Moreover, many technicians have either a two-year associate degree from an accredited college or a technical school diploma. A technician will also need an A+ qualification to operate in many shops or organizations.

Two tests must be passed before a technician can get A+ certification. There is the study of necessities and the examination of practical applications. This study of necessities includes 500 hours of field or laboratory training required from an entry-level IT professional.

The second test uses a more engaging approach to illustrate abilities. It utilizes situations where the technician must suggest the right solution. CompTIA requests renewal of the A+ certification every three years.

Many repair service companies also want their techs to have college degrees in computer science. Still, someone who wants to fix computers from home may start a business by cleaning, repairing, or replacing hardware and software and slowly building their credentials.

How To Get Started

Decide when and how you will be delivering a repair service for computers. Are you going to include system setup alongside repair services? Will you be going to the homes of the clients? You can also set up a workplace with the tools and equipment you require to work well.

Write business and marketing plans including all the details of your enterprise and the strategies you’ll use to draw in clients. Decide on the layout of your company and its name. Once you’ve got those, you can get your business license in your state, if needed. You’ll also want to open a bank account for the company.

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Research and develop solid relationships with software and hardware vendors to provide your company with the affordable resources needed. Keep up with developments in hardware, software, threats, and other computer maintenance issues. For more information about technician-related jobs and careers, click here.

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