The Main Industries That Are Now Hiring

We are all aware of the devastation the COVID-19 epidemic has caused to businesses, governments, and organizations alike. Many people lost their jobs because their employers lost businesses during the pandemic times and hence couldn’t pay salaries.

Worse still, there are some businesses that closed due to the pandemic, especially those that hadn’t embraced eCommerce. However, there are some businesses that grew exponentially in the pandemic times. Remote workers like online teachers and online fitness trainers as well as delivery services did pretty well during the pandemic.

If the pandemic caused you to lose your employment, don’t lose hope. Now is the time to be strategic and look at sectors that are hiring. We have compiled the main industries that are hiring now. Apply and see how it goes.

The Main Industries That Are Now Hiring
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Healthcare jobs are at the forefront during the pandemic and will continue working even after. If you are a skilled health professional, then you might want to apply and see if you land yourself a job.

Are you a nurse, doctor, anesthetist, dentist, surgeon, nutritionist, counselor, laboratory technologist, pharmacist, radiologist, etc? These people are always in demand in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Apart from the huge numbers of COVID-19 patients streaming in, hospitals kept working as usual. Only that this time, the work was more hectic with a lot of pressure. There was a shortage of medics during the pandemic due to overwhelming numbers and, therefore, they are hiring now.

Find a medical facility you want to work for and apply if you have the qualifications. The majority of them have been advertised and still do, so you might wish to look them up on their official websites for the required qualifications and how to apply.

Also, remember people are still falling sick to other illnesses too apart from Covid-19, so healthcare sector is always needed.

Supply Chain

Manufactured goods still need to get to customers despite the pandemic. Essentials like groceries and other goods have to be accessed by the people who need them. Therefore, they have to be transported from the manufacturing plant or farm to the store or directly to people’s homes.

Therefore, procurement officers are highly needed as well as truck drivers. If you are a qualified marketer/procurement officer or truck driver, search for any manufacturing plant online and see who exactly is hiring.

If they are not hiring, just apply anyway and tell them how you can help their business grow during the pandemic. Isn’t every employer looking for an employee who has a set of skills that their company needs? Provide them with those skills and you are hired!


The technology/IT sector also grew exponentially during the pandemic as many people moved to work online from their homes. As such, remote work grew with the use of video conferencing apps to keep up with their work and colleagues.

Also, people had to rely on apps for different things like fitness, ordering food items and groceries, banking apps, medical apps, etc.

Therefore, if you are a qualified IT personnel, apply to any tech company you know and show them what skills you have. Visit their websites and see if they advertised that they are hiring now or walk there in person and talk to the person concerned. After applying, follow up until they get back to you.


The manufacturing sector is still working hard during the pandemic due to the high demand, depending on the products they produce. Factories producing medical equipment, medicine, face masks, and other standard operating equipment are bombarded with high demand.

Therefore, they need more manpower to produce enough as the demand seems to be ongoing. Apply for manufacturing jobs if you have any manufacturing skills or have experience working in a similar setting.

Also, if you are a driver, you may want to apply here as these goods need to be delivered to hospitals, companies, stores, pharmacies, etc.

The Main Industries That Are Now Hiring
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The Bottom Line

If the pandemic caused you to lose your job, there is still hope. All you need is to be strategic and look at the sectors that are hiring now despite the pandemic. These include the health sector, supply chain, Technology/ IT, and Manufacturing.

Approach a company in this sector physically or virtually and tell them what skills you want to offer them. Send them your resume and keep your fingers crossed.

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