These Are the 4 Best Entry Level Jobs in 2020

Much as the pandemic disrupted almost everything, life must go on. We just picked up the pieces and moved on. If you had completed college and started job hunting before the pandemic, your search is now most likely continuing after the pandemic.

We cannot rest until we have landed the job we want. The job you get largely depends on your field of study. However, some exceptions don’t mind about your field of study but rather what you can offer, in terms of passion, abilities, skills, etc.

First things first, you must have your resume ready and keep it updated. We have compiled for you several jobs we think are great for you as a fresher in the job industry.

These Are the 4 Best Entry Level Jobs in 2020
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Actuarial Assistant

Actuarial Assistant working in insurance companies use statistics and mathematics to estimate the likelihood and cost of claims associated with illness, injury, death, or property damage for insurance companies to pay their expenses and remain profitable.

Insurance companies need actuarial assistants to help them decide the premiums, calculate costs, and stay in business.

Not all actuarial assistants will work for insurance companies; some will be employed by public or private employers to manage programs like Social Security and manage risk for pension plans.

Education Requirements

Much as a degree is not a necessity for this job, you will stand a higher chance if you have one. Besides, in the selection process, if you are the only one without a degree among the whole lot, your chances of being thrown out increase.

Also, many companies, when advertising, will list a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent to look legitimate. Having strong computer abilities is advantageous.

How to Apply

Identify the company you want to work for and send your resume. It is easier to do if the company has advertised if it has not advertised and you can send your resume, do it. Ensure it’s updated and well-detailed.

If you don’t get a reply within a week, write a follow-up message until they reply. The average salary for an actuarial assistant is around $ 46,850.

Human Resources Specialist

Human resource specialists sustain employee relations on behalf of a company. It is upon the HR specialist to ensure employees are satisfied and happy at work.

Make sure employees are working well with fellow employees and employers too. Also, provide a safe working environment for them, listen to their issues and provide solutions.

Education Requirements

This position requires a bachelor’s degree like a Bachelor in Human Resource Management, A Bachelor in Business Administration-Human Resources and a Bachelor in Business-Human Resources Management, among others.

The average salary expectation for a human resource specialist is roughly $55,800.

How to Apply

The initial stage of a job application is identifying the company you want to work for and write to them. If they have advertised, then you stand a higher chance to get an interview but if they have not advertised, contact them anyhow.

If the company is near you, walk there and talk to the person responsible for hiring. If it’s far, write an email to them, send them your resume, and follow up until they get back to you.

These Are the 4 Best Entry Level Jobs in 2020
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Purchasing Agent

Purchasing agents are responsible for buying services and items for a company. These items include parts, finished products and raw materials in case you are a manufacturing company.

It is the purchasing agent’s responsibility to ensure the business has all the supplies and services it needs to run successfully.


Most companies will require a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement or other related fields. Other skills like computer skills, negotiating skills, and good communication skills are a bonus.

If you have all these or even lack some, go on and apply in the company you want to work for. You might earn yourself your first job and make an average of $60,700 annually.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives will showcase and sell a company’s products and services.  It is one of the most common entry-level jobs given the need for companies to sell their products and services.

They basically look for a market for a company’s products and services. Sales representatives are the people who will walk to companies, organizations, and government agencies showcasing products and looking for a market.

They will look for potential customers, close deals and build long-term relationships.

Education Requirements

Post-secondary education is enough. But if you have a degree, then don’t shy away from applying, you might get a higher pay/position because of your qualifications.

If the company deals in scientific or technical products, a bachelor’s degree in a related field could be necessary. Many companies are looking for sales representatives because there are always products for sale.

Apply in any of your choices and display your skills and abilities. The median salary of $74,970 can be earned as a sales representative.

Bottom Line

As a fresh graduate, you want to badly be part of the job force and kick start your career and gain experience. Don’t be desperate for a job and pick any that is available, rather apply for an entry job that enhances your skills, interests, and career advancement objectives.

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