How To Start Career In State Government

State governments have several departments that need qualified personnel to work in different posts. After elections, there are always more than a thousand new positions that need to be filled. Working for the government guarantees good pay and a decent job, as long as you are qualified.

Seeking a job in state government is not hard when you have the guidelines and know what to expect. According to set laws, people are retiring every day from state governments, creating more opportunities to fill.


If you have relevant qualifications, a job with state government can be highly rewarding. Here is a step-by-step guide to starting a successful career in state government.

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Have The Proper Knowledge

Having extensive information on how state government operates is the primary step to seeking employment. State governments are comprised of hundreds of agencies that require different qualifications and experienced people.


Each department in state governments has a different mission, objective, and vision. Therefore, they have to seek the perfect candidate. Before finding a job in state government, you should have a clear view of what you need and which career matches your personality, interests, and experience. It’s impossible to be an expert in everything. So, if you want to begin your career in state government, take time to evaluate the type of job you want and in which department you want to work.

Connect With The Right People

Asking for help signifies your interest and devotion to achieving your objective. Connect with friends, family, and other qualified personnel for guidance on how to start a career in state government. If they have no idea, they can connect you with people who have worked or are working in the government.

These people will share what qualifications you need and information that can help you during an interview. Your connection with state government employees will help you know if there is an opening in a department that fits your expectations.


Being updated will help you secure a job in the state government and know when the right position for you pops up. You must have all your documents in order from education certificates to other requirements.

Update Your Resume

Your resume should be well-written and updated to advertise your skills and experiences. A well-written resume shows your qualifications and talents. While finding a career in the state government, the format of the resume may vary as per the job requirements. It must be precise and meet the necessary requirements. Take time to reformat your resume, according to each position you apply for.

Connect With The Right Websites

Federal government jobs are mostly advertised on government websites and, at times, in the media. websites provide you with jobs available in your nearest federal government. For local governments, the website varies by state.

The jobs are posted together with job descriptions and requirements. If you meet the set standards, then you can apply for the job online or visit the office to drop off your papers. Other government agencies also post job opportunities on their website. You must consistently check your preferred department’s website to be updated when a job opportunity arises.

Be Patient

After dropping off your papers or applying online, it would help if you were patient while waiting for a call. The state agencies receive numerous job applications, and they need time to review them in order to find the perfect candidate for the job.

If you have all the stated qualifications, you have nothing to be afraid of. You will be called for an interview or training after your resume has been received.

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Bottom Line

Connecting with the right people and regularly viewing posted opportunities on government websites will help you start a successful career.

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