How To Make Money As A Casino Dealer

Do you enjoy being in a casino? Do you enjoy playing casino games? Or does the casino environment excite you? Then, you might as well consider becoming a casino dealer.

Keep in mind, however, that the money you make is entirely for the casino. You will only earn money from your paycheck and any tips you may get. Your pay can vary depending on what casino you work for. In any case, being a casino dealer can be an exciting and rewarding job.

As gambling continues to grow across the continent, it is making room for more casino jobs. If you believe you would enjoy working in the casino environment, continue reading this article. Here is more of what to expect if you are considering working as a casino dealer.

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Average Salary Of A Casino Dealer

This is a service-based job, and your pay might not be as high as you expect. As you calculate how much you are likely to make, have the same mindset as that of a bartender or waitress. The more your clients are impressed by your services, the better pay you will receive because how much you earn largely depends on tips from clients.

You should be a people person or at least work on that skill if you want to make it in this industry. Also, keep in mind that pay does not depend on the game. For instance, baccarat dealers earn the same amount as blackjack dealers. This is true for roulette and poker dealers as well. When you start, expect to earn between $8 to $10 per hour. Your wage also depends on your experience and where exactly you are working.

This means that the more hours you commit to your work, the better pay you will get. Moreover, you might have to consider a well-established casino if you want to make a respectable living. With that in mind, expect to earn between $15 to $50 on average, tips included.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Casino Dealer

Simply put, a dealer is the host of a specific game. You will spin the roulette wheel, or direct the action on the craps table. You might also have to trade chips for money. On the other hand, if you are a poker dealer, you will be responsible for collecting the rake. You should also ensure that all players post their blinds.

Your placement will depend on which country you work in. For instance, in Europe, you might start working as a croupier, but most dealers start with blackjack since it’s more popular. As a casino dealer, you will also be responsible for your gambling license. A gambling license is like getting your driving license when working as a driver for a particular company.

Bottom Line

If you enjoy interacting with people and don’t mind that cigarette or shisha smoke, then considering a career as a casino dealer might be a prudent move for you. As much as you will not keep the money players lose, they will tip you to root for them. Contact that casino near you and apply for this job today. We wish you the best of luck!

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