Must-Have Qualities for an Insurance Agent

Have you ever contemplated becoming an insurance agent? Is this a career that you think might be right for you? To succeed in this field, there are various traits that you must have at your fingertips. If you were to do your survey, you would find out that all good insurance agents to some degree share some, if not all, of the qualities shared in this article.

Must-Have Qualities for an Insurance Agent 1


Provide Excellent Customer Care Services

Any customer would like to always be able to get in touch with their agent, just in case they want to make an inquiry. This is the only way they can feel secure and happy taking up your cover. A timely response to phone calls and queries is always an added advantage.

Always remember to stay professional. Do what you promised you would do, and if you can’t match a promise you made, at least have a valid reason as to why you can’t do it. One of the significant issues insurance buyers run into is when there is never a person or agent available to answer their questions after purchasing their policies. Don’t be that kind of agent.

Be a People Person

This goes without saying, but the client is always right, and their needs are supposed to come first no matter what. If you are the kind of agent who is just doing this to earn a commission, and you neglect the needs of your clients, chances are that you will not last in this field. You should be able to listen to your client’s needs and give them solutions. This is the only way you can earn their trust, which is one of the hardest parts of this sector.


Have a Strong Personality

One of the most outstanding characteristics of a good insurance agent is that they always appear to be vibrant, eager, and excited all the time. A weary, disengaged, or tedious individual will give a negative impression to clients. This, in most cases, discourages them from subscribing to your policies.

Show Emotional Intelligence

Showing emotional intelligence means you empathize with and listen to your clients on a deeper level to carefully discern exactly what they need. A good agent always knows and directs their clients to see their financial reality vividly, even when they are dead set against it.

Show Honesty

Just like it is with any other business, you must always speak the truth as an insurance agent. Never lie; it will work against you in the long run. If you are not careful, deception might end you in jail. A good agent knows all too well that speaking the truth upfront will always win your client’s trust and respect, and it will most likely lead to repeated business with them over time.


Be Persistent and Work Hard

This ought to come first on the list. When you’re working in this industry, get ready for rejections, not once but almost daily. Learning how to handle this will take you far. You should not be discouraged by rejection; it should instead push you to work harder and always do it with a smile. Professional insurance agents understand that every “no” can only bring them closer to a “yes” in their business.

Have a Wide Knowledge of Your Products

As the common saying goes, everything appears to be a nail when all you have to work with is a hammer. You ought to be able to provide your customers with a comprehensive selection of services that can meet their needs.


In order to be a successful insurance agent, these are some of the qualities you must possess. This industry is challenging and rewarding, and you can only thrive in it if you are willing to learn and practice the necessary skills. To those who want to take this direction, I recommend checking out job sites such as Monster, Indeed, and other local agencies near you.

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