How to Start a Career as a Comedian

The best medicine is laughter, as they say, and what an honor would it be to make people laugh and get a career out of being a comedian? Do you like making people laugh? Do most people find your stories funny?

If so, you might consider becoming a comedian and earning your income through an entertainment experience that you love.


You must be curious about the requirements for becoming a comedian – how to move from point A to point B. It is straightforward, but it does require a lot of hard work, dedication, and believing in yourself. Because, surprise, you are your own competition. Let’s move on to the facts.


How Do I Know I Can Make a Good Comedian?

To begin with, the fact that you are here is proof enough that you can make it in the comedy world. You clearly have interest and motivation enough to seek out some information regarding this particular career. If you are the kind of person who likes laughing or making other people laugh, then it looks like you have some of the inherent traits of a comedian.


Getting Started…

Every day, make sure you write down at least five things you find funny and think your audience will find funny, too. This is how you start to generate material. You might decide to watch how other comedians do it, but remember, the more you watch others, the harder it becomes for you to come up with original pieces. You will always be a shadow of other comedians, and the point is to be unique.

Think of something that made you laugh and then twist it a little bit. Or, ask other people what made them laugh. Twist it and make it your original piece. Have you noticed that some comedians joke about the same thing that we have heard over and over? Yes, you can do that, too.

Get Experience

Register with a comedy club near home and try to get booked for some gigs. Practice patience, as some clubs already have a long list of comedians who want to perform. If breaking through the comedy club scene is impossible, look into schools, community centers, or talent shows, as long as you have an audience.


Tell a joke whenever you get the chance. For instance, if you run into someone in a bookshop, tell your them any relevant joke related to that scenario. Who knows, you might be speaking to a club owner looking for people to perform. Always keep a positive attitude and endeavor to make everyone you encounter happy.

Rehearse, and rehearse some more. Write down your jokes and read them very well. You can practice saying them aloud in front of a mirror. It might seem uncomfortable at first, but do not worry, you will get the hang of it as time goes by.

Get Feedback

Alternatively, get someone to listen to you and ask for their feedback. However, keep it within a few people – say two – so that you do not spill the beans. You can ask your manager or your brother and get their honest views about your performance. This will help you listen to your voice and get an idea of how the performance will be.


Last but not least, have a notebook where you can keep dates of all your gigs and also note how it went every after a show. By doing this, you can identify your weaknesses and how to rectify them.

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