How to Make Money as a Sound Technician

Sound technicians work in the broadcasting sector. They play a primary role in making films, music videos, and TV shows.

This career can be lucrative if you are successful, but it will be crucial to put the work in so you can get your start.


Sound technicians are involved in amplifying voices and editing records, among various other duties in the entertainment industry. Read on to learn more about this career choice and how you can begin making money in it.

Sound Technician

How to Be a Sound Technician

Obtain significant training in sound or audio technology to understand the basics and critical requirements. You must have at least a high school diploma to qualify for the training and then a degree in sound engineering to have extensive skills and knowledge on how to operate several gadgets. You will also need to join audio engineering programs for more training. The training can go on for a full year.


Being a sound technician has a lot of financial potential. The average salary is over $56,000 annually and approximately $27 per hour. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, audio engineers can earn up to $70,360 in a year.

Career Description

Sound technicians use various audio equipment, including the soundboard, ensuring sound levels are correct, and that the sound is mixed well. They provide that the music is good for the performer as well as the audience. They are, therefore, the final part of finishing an artist’s performance.

Who to Work With

As a sound engineer, you should have connections with the musicians, maintenance team, talent booker, production technicians, and tour managers. They will play an essential role in advertising your skills and experiences with other people. Besides music, there are numerous ways to make money as a sound engineer besides music.


There are plenty of audio jobs that do not necessarily involve music, yet they are well-paying and can be handled well by a sound technician.

Film and Television Audio

The film and television industry is among the few remaining places to secure a job. You can become a boom operator, or post-production sound manager (including dialogue editing and music editing), and also join various composition gigs.

You can play roles in the ADR recording, Foley artistry, and Sound Design, earning yourself a lot of money.

Audio Branding

Today, almost everyone is obsessed with branding, thus creating enormous opportunities for a sound technician to design the sounds. As an audio expert, you can help the bending company define as well as advertise its brand.

Audio Equipment Repairs

Many people are inclined towards the analog sector, thus creating a business opportunity to repair and sell audio gear. You can open a retail shop or sell the equipment online through eBay, among other sites.

Software Design

Software engineering is gaining popularity with the digital revolution. There is a need for more audio experts, as well as tech-savvy pros. Many companies dealing with Film, TV post-production, video game makers, and app developers need the skills and expertise of a sound technician, to create you a job.

Live Sound Engineering

As a sound technician, you have an opportunity to work during public speaking, office meetings, Christmas events, and even outdoor church services. These events need sound systems and someone to operate them. You can advertise your skills or be connected with party planners to earn yourself money whenever an occasion arises.


Sound technicians have the broadest career possibilities, as they revolve around various occupations. After acquiring extensive skills and experience, you can enroll in the above jobs for a better life.

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