Become a Yoga Instructor: Things to Know Before You Begin  

Would you like to start a career as a yoga instructor? Do you want to be able to work together with customers in a relaxing and healthy environment for both body and mind?

If so, you have found the right place. Becoming a yoga instructor is possible and doable. With the right insights and proper training, you can pursue this job.


We have created a list of 6 things you must know before you begin your journey towards becoming a professional yoga instructor!

Become a Yoga Instructor: Things to Know Before You Begin   1

Yoga Is Not Only for the Experts

Being a yoga teacher is not about doing all the complicated and fancy poses like a forearm stand, headstand, or some arm balances. It is all about cuing, which means using your voice effectively to tell people what to do with their bodies and compassion. 


Don’t beat up yourself if you are unable to do all the fancy things because to be a good teacher; it is all about being extremely compassionate and exceptional cuing techniques.

Understand the Yoga Alliance

The next item on your list has to be getting yourself certified. Paying for Yoga Alliance will allow using their RYT trademark, but this does not mean the state or Government regulates it. Based on your personal goals, you can choose to do it or not. 

Identify a Yoga Instructor Training Program

You will defiantly have to do some training and the most common format to go for is the 200-hour teacher training. Here you get to cover a lot in 200 hours, from anatomy, philosophy, and teaching. First, do research on where to do this program because it is the determining factor whether you succeed or not in this career.


You can decide to do the course online, at once, or over several weekends. If you choose to do the online course, make sure it is interactive, and ensure you are getting direct support from a teacher via video conference.

Practice Teaching Yoga

The next thing is to practice how to teach. Most people have this false belief that after the 200-hour course, you gain confidence right off the bat. The reality is, it will take you a few years to build trust and have that strong voice.

Practicing is very easy; teach your mom, your dog, your niece, a chair… whatever you come across, start with that. Just like anything else, the more you practice it, the better you become at it.

Start Making Money as a Yoga Teacher

After all these, you are now ready to start charging people to take your yoga classes. You might teach in a studio, host in your home, teach in corporations, or even partner with hotels to have wine and yoga nights.

You could also decide to lead retreats. As you do this, remember to start a mailing list and make sure you keep in touch with people who come to your classes. This works better than having a website.

Get Insured

Lastly, do not forget to get yoga insurance because having that puts you firmly in business. There are many options on the market; ensure you go for one that is pocket-friendly and will cover most of your expenses. 


There you have it, folks. Becoming a yoga instructor is a career pursuit that can be achieved if you give it the proper effort it deserves. If you follow these steps and remain determined, you surely will make it in your career. Otherwise, we wish you good luck on your yoga journey. Check out our other articles on beginning jobs in the healthcare sector.

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