How to Become a Virtual Recruiter

If you want to develop your career as a virtual recruiter, then you should look into the advice provided below. You will be recruiting online using the available web resources and applications. If you want further information concerning candidates, you can check the reference materials, plus online databases. You will also be able to conduct online interviews and ask questions related to the position you are recruiting for. As a recruiter, you will have to repeat this process over and over again.

How to Become a Virtual Recruiter 1


Choose the Right Path for Your Career

You have to decide which path you want to take. Do you want to recruit independently or for an agency? With the latter, you will be solely responsible for creating the business structure from the accounting system to the company name. The beauty of this is that the company will always back you up.

You will need a stable internet connection, subscriptions, and other software that will help you in the process. Do a lot of research online. To achieve this type of career, there are so many websites that have information that can assist you.

Building Your Career

To succeed in this industry, there are several tools that you will need. For instance, you’ll want to consider job board subscriptions, a website, and candidate-tracking software. If you want to be independent, ensure you purchase all these tools beforehand, as opposed to working for an agency where they will be provided.


Job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, and Dice keep resume databases full of job hunters in all areas across the United States. The price for a membership to one of these websites ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 per year.

Other sites, such as ZoomInfo, compile data for several companies, and subscriptions are usually between $2,500 to $5,000. This will largely depend on which features you choose. RocketRecruiting is another excellent tool you must have as a virtual recruiter. These sites will help you to keep track of all your candidates, job orders, clients, marketing activities, and hiring managers.

Setting Your Prices

You have to come up with your invoice requirements and business pricing. Will you focus on temp-to-temp or direct-hire recruiting? With direct hiring, you might want to charge a certain percentage of your candidate’s first salary. This might range between 15-35% of the candidate’s salary. If you decide to work through an agency, then the chances are high that your salary will be set for you. There is always room for negotiation, though.


Come Up with a Market Niche

You can recruit for any niche, but specializing will make you more productive. See, if you are a former teacher, then teaching is the ideal niche to focus on. You can either choose to recruit virtual tutors or classroom tutors; this will all depend on the needs of your agency. Once you zero down on your niche, start marketing and making pitches to potential companies. Always endeavor to recruit competent candidates within your niche.


As a rule of thumb, never disclose who your job order is with before you create a rapport with the candidate. Interview them first; the last thing you want is for candidates to apply to the company behind your back. Finally, if you are working under an agency, make sure to agree to a split fee before you recruit for them. Finding a career as a virtual recruiter requires choosing a niche, planning, and being aware of the market. With these tips, the process should be made simpler.

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