How to Become a Virtual Medical Transcriptionist

Becoming a virtual medical transcriptionist is a good option for people with medical knowledge and excellent typing skills. Most companies that hire for these positions usually require some experience, whereas others generally require candidates who have completed a certificate program in the recent past. When working as a medical transcriptionist, you will hear voice recordings from nurses, doctors, or other medical practitioners and in return, transcribe the recordings into documents or written notes for patients’ medical files.

How to Become a Virtual Medical Transcriptionist 1


Eligibility for Becoming a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists need to have postsecondary training, which is either a one-year or two-year associate degree. A certificate in medical terminology, anatomy, grammar, and punctuation or medical-legal issues is a plus.

Furthermore, you need to be detail-oriented and keen with very accurate and fast typing skills. Impeccable grammatical skills, style, and punctuation are an added advantage. Additionally, you must be prepared to work independently and should have excellent listening and hearing skills. If you have practiced transcription before, it will be quite easy for you to transition to medical transcription with some light training.

Equipment Needed for a Medical Transcriptionist

Just like any other virtual job, there are basic essential requirements that you need to have. You need a computer and high-speed internet. You need a well-functioning headset and foot pedal, as well. You might or might not need transcriptionist software. If you are lucky enough, the company hiring you might be able to provide the software at a lowered fee or even for free.


Do you believe you have all it takes to become a virtual medical transcriptionist? Well then, let us look at some companies that hire stay-at-home transcriptionists.


To work as an independent contractor with FastChart, you first must fill out and submit your online application form and a resume. Upon approval of your application, you will be required to go through a medical language terminology test, which you must pass before you do the typing test, as well. If all these are successful, you will be taken on board as one of their team members.

Ascend Healthcare Systems

If you are a quality assurance specialist or medical transcriptionist with a minimum of three years of experience, then Ascend Healthcare Systems may be the right match for you. You must successfully pass a background check before being employed and also agree to a 90-day probation period, after which you will be officially hired.



This is one of the pharmaceutical companies that provides clinical documentation and health information to people. They offer full-time and part-time medical transcriptionist jobs for several virtual work-at-home shifts, day through night. As an applicant, you are supposed to have some medical transcriptionist experience and also be able to pass a test before you are officially hired. For more information, head over to the IMedX website to find out more.

Eight Crossing

Eight Crossing recruits home-based transcriptionists and others based in its office. This organization is ideal for you if you have more than two years of experience. Occasionally, this company also gives opportunities to candidates who have recently graduated from other approved training programs.


Just like any other job, a virtual medical transcriptionist position may not be suited for everyone. However, if this is the career direction you want to make, you must ensure that you have good typing skills, outstanding listening abilities, independence, and the capacity to meet deadlines. These skills will set you apart in making sure you land your dream job as a medical transcriptionist.

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