How To Become A Playwright

We are in an era where everyone has busy schedules and stressful days, weeks, or even months. We look forward to having breaks every once in a while. We want to have time for ourselves or even with our loved ones. Sometimes we will go for a walk in a park, visit the zoo, or go to the movies. Others might prefer to unwind by going to the theatre.

So, when we go to the theatre, we get to watch plays or comedies based on a playwright’s script. A playwright is a person who writes plays to be performed within the theatre.


This happens through a script that has been well put together, where actors and actresses are allocated roles. With that brief introduction, here are some of the tips and guidelines you can follow to become a playwright. Read along with me.


Do Your Research

In order to become a playwright, one must first do research, and understand how to write a script, and what to write about. Throughout this, the writer is able to find out the standard way of writing a script. For example, the script needs no outlook of a novel, but rather, a conversation between people or even songs. It also helps a playwright find out what is relevant and helps to guide the writer on what category to write about. This could be romance, tragedy, comedy, or historical content.


Be Creative

This is one of the fundamentals of crafting a strong script. As a playwright, one needs to have an original script, as it is the basis of creating a dramatic production. Be sure not to copy another person’s work. Your script does not have to be predictable; therefore, you have to be as creative and original as possible (in your content). Keep your play interesting, and look at it through the eyes of the reader to not be boring, as there is little tolerance for boredom in a play.

You Have to Be a Patient

In the first stages of being a playwright, do not be in a rush to have your content put out there. You have to take your time, start small, and develop your script slowly. When you begin to lose yourself (mind) in the process of writing, take a minute, and compose yourself. Go out and take a walk, maybe.

You will also get inspiration from the people or nature, and your mind will be refreshed. You can also do a draft of your work by overwriting and then editing in your final copy. You may not get stage play or production immediately; do not give up. Everything takes time, and we learn on the job.


Get Good Feedback

Once you have successfully written down a play, either for reading or for the stage show. Stage test your play. Sometimes you should go to the theatre and look at the reception of the play through the audience. You can also ask friends and family to watch or read the play and give feedback. If the response is good, build on that and create more work in that line, and if it is negative, use the criticism as a foundation for doing better. But never give up.

Establish Good Contacts

You have successfully done your work and are satisfied with your results. The greatest thing to do is to examine your work through the eyes of a professional. Therefore, you need to consult about professionals in your area, and this could be done by visiting a local theatre.

Find out about other playwrights out there and build up a good relationship with them. Ask as many questions as you can, and ask them to review your work. This will also help you get production. If you’re not being produced, then you cannot earn from it.

Bottom Line

Going by the above guidelines, you will be able to become a successful playwright and earn from it, as well. Do not forget to have a point of contact. Say, have a business card through which people can get in touch and get to see your work. Be very social and be kind to yourself every once in a while, for you are human. 

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