Celebrity Couples Who Go to Couples Therapy

Idolizing celebrities in their idyllic roles who reign the silver screens, we often forget that they too are humans who get pricked by thorny problems in their lives. In fact, it’s tougher for celebrities for they have to shroud themselves in a facade all the time, thanks to the paparazzi.

Among this madness, many celebrities have stepped forward out of their reel characters to talk openly about problems in their relationships. They have come out in the open to celebrate human flaws rather than shying away from them.


Some celebrities proudly claim to be taking couples therapy and consequently, normalizing the notion of seeking help. Juggling an efflorescence career with marriage can be a tough row to hoe. Here is a list of some celebrities who openly talk about taking couples therapy.

Celebrity Couples Who Go to Couples Therapy 1

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

It was an example of “opposites attract” in action between the famous American actress, Kristen Bell, and her spouse, the American actor, and writer-director, Dax Shepard. Their love wasn’t your basic Hollywood-style rom-com fantasy of “love at first sight.”

Even the most mighty of men become weak in the knees in the face of love. Similarly, these two also fell for each other on their second encounter at a hockey game. Soon their love threw them into the holy bond of matrimony and their disparate backgrounds brought some tiffs.


The couple started taking therapy to learn more about each others’ behavioral patterns to do justice to the love they share. While talking to Good Housekeeping, Kristen Bell beautifully put therapy as a normal exercise, “With a trainer, you’ll perform better in the gym; without a recipe, you won’t learn how to cook.”

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

The couple who starred in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother is #relationshipgoals. They shared a life for 13 years before marrying in a gorgeous ceremony that promulgated that love does conquer all. Their love story had a platonic start but it was nothing a movie date couldn’t fix and since that day in 2004, they became inseparable.

Maintaining a healthy marriage in the hectic and toxic world isn’t easy so the couple turned to therapy. David Burtka plunged right into the deep side of the ocean talking about couples therapy, “We go to couples therapy. Not that there’s anything wrong, but it’s pleasant to sort of just talk to someone who is a mediator. That has benefited our connection.”


Being effortless cool and easygoing, David single-handedly shattered the stigma enclosing therapy by emphasizing how it has benefited their relationship. Surely if Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are doing it, it gives couples worldwide the acceptance and validation to seek a therapist.

Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Dempsey

The beloved star of Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick, met Jillian at a hair salon for a trim but apparently ended up liking more than just his haircut. Soon after going out for a while, the couple got married on July 31, 1999. They had been a heartthrob couple in the eyes of the audience for 15 years when they called it quits.

But, destiny had something else written for them as they quickly patched things up in 2016 after overcoming some breaks every relationship is bound to have. After the wave of uncertainty, they went for couples counseling which unloaded the couples’ issues, Patrick told People’s Magazine in an interview.

Cut to the present, Mr. and Mrs. Dempsey are still living the modern fairy tale with beautiful children and happily going to therapy for the better.

Celebrity Couples Who Go to Couples Therapy 2

The Bottom Line

Aside from the aforementioned couples, many celebrities like the Single Ladies singer Beyonce and Jay Z, the famous rapper also delved into therapy to keep their marriage afloat in testing times. These celebrities have a huge hand in normalizing the notion of couples therapy and laying an example that therapy is like oiling the engine for a smooth drive.

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