Celebrities who Have Been Both Poor and Rich

All the celebrities seem to have a perfect life and a lot of money in their accounts, but even they went through difficult times from a financial point of view.

Each of us has heard success stories of famous people, who started from scratch and succeeded in life, but there can also be sad stories among celebrities.


Let’s check five celebrities who have been both poor and rich. While some woke up on time and managed to recover, others continued to face financial difficulties.

Celebrities who Have Been Both Poor and Rich 1

Oprah Winfrey

One of the most well-known women in the world is Oprah Winfrey and she has an estimated fortune of $3 billion. But her life was not always rosy, as she comes from a very poor family. They were so impoverished that she had to wear potato sacks instead of clothes because her parents could not afford to dress her.

And that’s the least sad part of her childhood, as she had to go through terrible torments, was sexually abused, and even got pregnant at a very young age.


She couldn’t stand anything that was happening to her and decided to move to Tennessee with her father. There, she started a new life, attended university, and was a bright student.

However, she did not forget where she came from. This is one of the most inspiring life stories. She is an example for many people and the living proof that you can achieve anything in life if you want and fight for your dreams. Now, she is currently among the richest people in the world and even a potential presidential candidate.

Celebrities who Have Been Both Poor and Rich 2

Leonardo DiCaprio

In Hollywood, one of the most well-known actors is Leonardo DiCaprio. He is an Oscar winner, has starred in many award-winning films, and was even a part of the world’s most award-winning film, “Titanic”. All this ensured his future and wealth. Before he started partying on the yachts and living an extravagant life, he was trying to take care of his parents, so that they wouldn’t miss anything.


He comes from a modest family who lived in the harsh East Hollywood. His parents had modest jobs. His mother worked as a secretary, and his father had to sell comic books to survive.

He had clear goals from an early age, and he was convinced that his acting career would bring him everything he wanted. Also, in an interview, he declared that he was always wondering how they were going to afford necessities. He was sure that his acting career would offer them a ticket out of poverty.

Celebrities who Have Been Both Poor and Rich 3

Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank, the actress who starred in “Million Dollar Baby” and “Freedom Writers,” did not have an easy childhood either. Her family did not have a house, and when her mother lost her job, they had to live in a car. But she defeated his condition and won an Oscar twice.

She never hides the unpleasant aspects of her childhood and even came to be criticized for being open about it, especially after her second Academy Award acceptance speech.

Celebrities who Have Been Both Poor and Rich 4

J.K. Rowling

Rowling, the creator of the well-known “Harry Potter” books, comes from a modest family. She graduated from the University of Exeter, then had many strange jobs and only at the age of 32 published the book that would become a bestseller, and then successfully screened in the world of cinema.

She is also famous for the fact that although she could have already become a billionaire in dollars, she lost this status due to her generous donations to charities. Her fortune is estimated at $650 million.

Before publishing her first book at 32, she was living off government welfare and spent many years doing odd jobs to survive.

Celebrities who Have Been Both Poor and Rich 5

Phil McGraw

When Phil was 12 years old, he and his father were living in a car in Kansas City. His dad was a psychology intern, and both of them were homeless.

Then, McGraw obtained his bachelor’s, master’s, and a Ph.D., and is now known as Dr. Phil. Today, he is worth $280 million and is an author and TV personality.


Being born into a low-income family or lacking money as a teenager will never be a barrier to a successful career. If you follow your dreams and have faith in them, you will have the chance to succeed.

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